tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Mah new house, let me show you it

Today I:

Woke up, had coffee in bed, sorted out the kitchen, then the Youth of Today and I went grocery shopping and visited the markets (yay markets!). Then I went to the hardware shop and bought a metric fucktonne of DIY doodaddies. I didn't get to doing all of them - still to hang towel rails in the bathroom and didn't wrap the hot water cylinder because they're having to order the stuff in - but I did put up a shelf in the laundry, a hand towel rail in the main loo and wrap the hot water cylinder pipes with the pipe wrapping stuff that they did have. They are now no longer giving off heat like a hot thing. Hah.

And I sorted out the kitchen and lounge.

Yes, those are sunbeams. The sun started coming in about 3:30 and it's still streaming in here. My radiometer is going nuts, I'm afraid it'll wear itself out. Also, the door is open and I'm in a singlet. I am liking this warmth business.

I don't really like my lounge suite, it's a bit old lady-ish. Considering I inherited it from Mum this isn't surprising. When Dr Wheel gets back hopefully we can choose something we both like more, together. Also there are no pictures on the walls yet which is a bit weird.

The view out of the kitchen window is a bit meh but that doesn't really bother me when there's a giant sunbeam right through the middle of it, you know?

More pics when I've done more unpacking. Right now the rest of the house looks like a bomb struck it. Now for dinner and then tackling putting all my clothes away..

*is happy*
Tags: diy tats strikes again, domestic bliss, hey look all tidy n shit

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