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A question for naturalists (not to be confused with naturists)

What does snail wee look like? I think I might have been weed on by a snail. It was on one of my plants and I noticed it crawling up the dashboard of my car on the way in this morning. I didn't want to leave it there because it could end up anywhere and despite my reputation of being hardcore, the idea of this poor snail starving to death in my car or being fried in the heating system made me go *gnng* so I took it out and let it go. And as I was carrying it out of the concrete jungle to somewhere where there is actually greenery, it started to exude bubbly stuff and then a bunch of drips fell out of the side of its shell and all over my hand.

Now I'm curious. Naturally.

On Tuesday I contacted my solicitor about this business with bodycorp guy, asking how long it's likely to take for this notification to go through and outlining my questions and why I needed them resolved quickly. I figured going through solicitors might expediate the process, and it did. The got onto bodycorp guy who phoned me yesterday as I was sitting in the Auckland airport waiting for a plane.

He then proceeded to be extremely helpful, to the point of going to my new apartment and putting the new cards under the door for me, explaining a whole bunch of stuff I needed to know and sending several emails' worth of information. Yes caycos, I managed to act like nothing had gone before, although it turned out he had investigated the answers to those questions in the meantime and answered those as well.

So there you go. As it turns out, the rules about bikes etc in the public areas aren't particularly strongly policed and as long as my plants make things look nicer not worse and don't get in anyone's way, I'm good. Someone will come to check next week. Turns out said someone also has a heatpump so I can pick their brains about what sort of installations work. Nice.

Yesterday's trip to Auckland meant I didn't get to my carload of stuff until 6:30pm. It normally takes about an hour to unload the car and take everything up, empty the bags and get on my way, but I'm getting faster at it - last night it only took 40 minutes. Nearly all my plants are shifted, tonight's load is shed stuff (including several bags of polystyrene balls from Weird Science that I need to make art out of), sports gear and, apparently, snails. Tomorrow will be kitchen stuff, then Saturday will be burly men lifting heavy things and then I'm done.

I'm kind of exhausted with doing this every day after work but I'm getting a lovely feel for my new house and despite the icky weather the last few days, it was warm in there last night. And the lovely pombagira took pity on me when I arrived home at 7:45pm and still had to load up my car, and cooked tasty tasty chicken for dinner. And the Youth of Today did the dishes and packed some of his stuff up too, and so far things are going relatively smoothly.

I will also have all day Sunday to get sorted, and Monday off work to finalise the old house and recover.

One thing - the apartment intercom only works if you have a landline phone, which I hadn't bothered with. Now wondering if it'd be worth it to change from naked (which requires a different modem) or whether I ought to wait and see how much of an issue it is in this world of cellphones. Hmm..

Apparently the marches in which the unions join forces with #occupywallstreet are about to start happening. I'll be watching..
Tags: lifting heavy things, moving house, sorting shit out
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