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In which I try out XBox, do a meme and *censored*

It's a meme thing! Yoinked from 38. Comment saying something of great social and political import, and I'll pick five of your icons. Then you make a post talking about them and we all get entertained. Voila!

This is Cerridwen. I was an early adopter of World of Warcraft, hence getting the name. She's a fire mage and stayed a fire mage determinedly against the desire of everyone else in WoW who thought all mages should be frost mages so they could spend all their time doing crowd control instead of using the fearsome DPS they were designed for. Being a sheep-bot was not for me and after a while I couldn't be arsed with it because without guild raiding there's not much in WoW once you level up. The pony is called Lightning and was one of the main reasons I started playing in the first place. Cerr still exists on my account and one day I may play her again.

This came from one of those 'anime yourself' sites where you can make a pic that looks sort of like you and customise it. I did that to get the basic face shape and the horns, then used Photoshop to make the hair and the tongue stud. At the time my hair was red and black. This is one of my first icons.

Taken at Burning Man 2006, this icon has been described as Hunter S Thompson meets MySpace and I reckon that's a pretty good fit. Especially given the *cough* circumstances at the time.. As I recall I was playing a game of life-size Candyland (strange American kids game involving ODing on sugar) with beagl and kimeros at the time, about three days in. *ahem*

More Hunter S references. I can't remember where this one came from but it was in the very early days of lolcats, and since at the time most of my life was lived in bat country, it seemed apt. It has a twin, that says "Holy fuck we stopped in bat country" which I use mostly for political rants.

Christ on a pogo stick. Another one for political ranting. Also, it appears Christ had dreadlocks. Who knew?

This is from Sinfest. If you look at my userpics you'll see who made it for me. The character is 'Nique and she personifies the stereotypical girl all the boys are after. This one comes from a strip where she's overcome with her own lustful tendencies. I commented that it would make a good icon and ta da! I did credit the maker but for some reason LJ isn't letting me see my own credits so if you want to know you'll have to go look yourself. And, I reckon everyone needs a Ladyboner icon.

Yesterday we *censored*, went to the supermarket, *censored*, played some Portal 2 (which is necessary so I can learn the XBox controls as I've always been a PC gamer), and *censored*.

I know folks who use XBox swear by the controls but I'm finding them less accurate. I like the more flexible looking around features, and the steering is not dissimilar to using keys/mouse, but you can't pinpoint with a toggle the way you can with a mouse and I'm finding that frustrating. It might be just my lack of experience with it (2 whole hours woohoo!) but it's kind of *gnng* to be able to do something easily on one platform and be constantly dying on another because you fell off the conveyor belt, you know?

I hear it got over 10 degrees in Wellington yesterday. Meanwhile, I'm struggling a little with air conditioning, going through a lot of eye drops, and wearing minimal clothing. Gotta say I'm appreciating the freedom to wear light floaty dresses and still be warm.

Joel has the next 2 days off so we're gonna go absorb some culture. We couldn't do much of this last time because he had to work. Once he's back at work I'll be getting all academicky on it and writing furiously about Anonymous in air conditioned comfort, but for today we're going to museums of art and history. We decided to flag the science one because it appeared to be the museum of Pop Science for Kids and we figured we might get a little frustrated with that. So, aht, dahling. I'll let you know if I turn into a wanker by the end of the day.

I'm waking up about an hour ahead of Joel each day, and spending it looking and gently touching, reassuring myself that this is in fact real and I'm not dreaming. I'm not. ;-)
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