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Low sodium friends, please advise me!

So I decided to get serious about this low sodium thing, after having spent most of the last week feeling dizzy and swimmy-headed, to the point where crossing the road feels a bit risky in case my scanning for traffic leads to me stumbling into it.

The ear specialist suggested I do this because they don't know what's wrong with my ear. I have an appointment in September at which they'll poke and prod me some more, then book me for an MRI. This is to see if I have a tumour. If I do, it will be benign, may or may not be removable, and its removal is unlikely to fix my hearing but may help with the other problems. Meanwhile, reducing sodium is part of the process of elimination that's involved in the diagnosis of Meniere's disease.

Meniere's is the one where the inner ear goes haywire and people get seasick on dry land. I have all the symptoms, but because I have never been prone to motion sickness I mostly just feel dizzy without nausea, for which I'm thankful*. Anyway, the only way to diagnose this is apparently to rule out everything else. And apparently limiting sodium intake can help. After the last week, I reckon it's worth a crack. So - TO THE INTERNET!

Which is, apparently, focused on America. Most of the diet recommendations include vegetables and products I've never heard of, and everything's measured in Imperial. ;-/ Also, there seem to be some that have been put through Google Translate. I mean, what does this even mean?

"When trying to follow a crouched sodium diet or undeviating if you are reliable watching your quotidian sodium intake for a healthier lifestyle, you will oftentimes see the term “low sodium” or variations of it and may wonder what exactly does that mingy?
Here are the definitions with any clarification as needed, to what these clear-cut terms actually mingy.Breitling aeromarine."

As you might guess, the clarifications aren't exactly clear. *cough*

Anyway, what I'm trying to do is give myself some kind of guideline as to how to achieve this without having to keep a running tally in my head. Simplest would be a weekly diet plan with substitutable stuff - like, swapping the spinach for broccoli or tomatoes or whatever if I felt like it. I'm also not good at being a rigid adherent of anything and I like my treats, and it'd be good to allow for that - so I can eat tasty salty bacon but the rest of the day be all restrained, etc.

From what I understand I should avoid fish, processed meat - in fact, processed anything - and fast food, particularly the Asian food that's full of MSG. But I'm still very confused and unlike food allergies, looking at the packet to see if it's in or not won't work. Pretty much everything has sodium in it so it's a matter of degree, and keeping track involves constant maths, which I'd like to avoid.

I know that some of you have done or are doing similar things. It would be most appreciated if you'd be willing to share your knowledge with me, or point me to sites you know of that list common foods and their sodium content - preferably in metric but if it's otherwise reasonable then I guess a few hours spent doing conversions will be worth it.

On the upside, if I sort this out my non-existent hypertension and kidney disease should also improve.

* I think this is probably why I'm suited to blended vision laser treatment as well - my brain seems to cope reasonably well with getting two different messages and taking an average. Which is, I guess, why I can still do a headstand even though my balance is fucked up.

I missed Dr Wheel a lot this weekend. It's not that my life sucks without him here - far from it - but it's better when he's around and sometimes I really feel that. [/sop]

And in irony news: Go to google. Type in Crowded House When You Come. Click the first YouTube link. Depending on where you are, you'll either get a 'page not found' error or you'll be told "This video contains content from EMI, which has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."

Why is this ironic? Because Crowded House is a Kiwi band - the band that penned the famous line and the sound of Te Awamutu had a truly sacred ring - and their content is blocked to New Zealand by their label because our copyright laws don't suit them. Apparently not all their content, but that one certainly is. Fuck you, EMI.
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