tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Last night I based for someone who outweighs me by about 30kg. Mark is an ex-gymnast and built like a fridge and I'm still amazed that I could keep his face off the floor while not snapping my arms. Now I feel strong RAWR! Mark is also very stable and balanced and I wouldn't like to try that with someone who's that big and also floppy. I only dropped Taryn once as well, and as usual she was pretty good about it. We managed to put together a small routine that ended with her standing on my knees and us being all graceful and stuff, and it made me feel as if we've made progress.

I've been asked if I want to join the advanced class. I do! Because strong slow moving balancey stuff! And developing the ability to throw large men around! So um yeah, I'll be doing that then.

In other news, it must be someone else's turn to write something with substance today. Ball's in your court. Entertain meeeee!
Tags: adagio
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