tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

My absorbed twin, let me show you it

So the hearing doctor put me through a variety of tests, most of which seemed designed to see if I'd had a stroke or have a brain tumour (since my hearing loss is all in one ear) - lots of 'shut your eyes and zombie march', seeing how my eyes tracked, touching places on my face to see if I felt them, etc. My functions seem to be functioning normally, which is good.

She also held a tuning fork to my forehead. I couldn't tell if I was hearing or feeling it. Beside my right ear and behind it I could hear it normally. Beside my left ear the vibration hurt enough to make me flinch*, and behind my left ear I couldn't hear anything.

The verdict - yes, my ear's a bit fucked and they still don't know why. I now have to have an MRI to rule out tumours an absorbed twin. These kinds of tumours are always benign apparently, and even if they find one there's no guarantee they'll be able to remove it and even if they remove it there's no guarantee it'll make my hearing better.

All of which led to me going "OK put me on the waiting list for this MRI since the $500 it'll cost seems extravagant given my 10% chance of actually getting improved hearing from it." Yeah, most of this kind of sensorineural hearing loss happens for no apparent reason and can't be fixed.

So in about 18 months I'll be posting pics of my absorbed twin. Meanwhile, keep your damn tuning forks away from my ears!

*Apparently this is normal - certain frequencies create more scrambled messages than others, to the point where it hurts. Sadly, some people's voices do this too.
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