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Of wool and Wellywood - Tactical Ninja

May. 23rd, 2011

09:14 am - Of wool and Wellywood

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So Robbie Ellis, who brought us the Manners Mall Emo Song, has thrown his hat into the ring regarding the Wellywood sign, to the tune of (in a touch of irony) New York New York:

This is awesome, and funny, even to those who don't know the Wellington in-jokes. It's also worth noting that while I couldn't find the copyright details on New York New York (ie is it old enough to be out of copyright), this is the sort of parody that would come under Fair Use in the US, but not in New Zealand - unless you count this as news reporting. And yet the US thinks our copyright laws are too slack. Hrm.

In a surprising turn of events, I finished my weaving. I am.. surprised. Weaving is fast! And takes very little fibre compared with knitting or crocheting. If I wasn't so unco about warping the loom it would have been maybe a total of four hours' work, and two spools of single-ply wool, for a piece of fabric 2'6" wide and about 4' long:

I'm also impressed that I managed to keep the edges straight, because that's one of the hardest things about weaving. Of course, now I'm going "Um, so what shall I do with this piece of stuff that I've made?" Protip: it's not suitable for making undies out of. Instead I draped it over Dot (our obliging dressmaker's dummy), who is currently sporting a tabard made by pombagira for one of the local pagan elders. I think it looks kind of rustic:

So maybe I won't do anything expect wrap it around myself for hiding in the woods or gathering faggots when I'm a crone.

Now I want to make bigger things! But my next weaving project is going to involve fluoro builder's string and I want to start doing patterns and I've no clue how to do that. But I have a book!

This weekend I also helped tieke make roman blinds for the AHOA. I am learning lots of new skills because of that house. And these are not just roman blinds but Roman!Blinds! They are like little duvets for the windows with their thermal backing and superduperthermal insidey stuff. And I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like when they're all up. I suspect the house will be cosy and have naked people in it. Hands up who's against this idea.

And there was climbing with fuvenusrs as well - mostly because the bouldering wall was closed, so instead of traversing we went up. Rhi discovered the visibility issues with not being able to see your feet as well, I fell off the slab because I'm chickenshit about dyno-ing, and it was fun. There wasn't quite enough of it to make me hurt because we ran out of time, but it was a nice re-entry.

Also I sorted out my Important Bits Of Paper. Yes I want a gold star for this. In a way I get one because I discovered while doing it that I have been paying insurance on two cars for the last year, since they forgot to take the Lancer off when I bought the Galant. Doh. I didn't notice because the new car's worth twice as much as the old one and so the doubled premium was expected. Turns out it doesn't work like that and I'm due a tidy little refund. Nice.


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Date:May 22nd, 2011 09:59 pm (UTC)

hiding in the woods or gathering faggots when I'm a crone

The Lady Gaga-inspired images are just too funny.
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