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Crafty wee household, ours

This weekend I got kicked out of my house for a day because The Kid had had an idea for a thing he wanted to make for my birthday. So I spent the afternoon mud-plastering at the AHOA, and we got the first coat on all of the downstairs living bit. This sounds more grand than it actually was, but it’s amazing how covering the gib and plaster spots with all one colour makes it look so much more finished.

Also, playing in the mud! *squee*

My little family was being a hive of productivity. The project wasn’t finished when I got home so I had to wait a bit longer. But yesterday I had a couple of errands to run and then when I got home I was all up in EssayLand, and at about 6pm last night the last bit of paint went on and TA DA!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

For those who are new here, I lost my old dog First a month or so ago. Despite the fact that this is a soft toy and not intended to be anatomically correct, it looks remarkably like her. I think it’s the hypnotically staring eyes, personally. She has movable legs so I can lie her down in doorways and scare the cat, just like old times. Apparently there was quite a lot of modification of the original pattern to make this, and my wee family collaborated on the project. The Kid worked solidly for two days on it and I am having a sentimental proud Mum moment over here. That kid over there? The big tall hairy one? Yeah, that’s my one. He’s awesome. *sniff*

One of my errands involved going to visit ferlengheti, who has a cat called Turtle who likes laps. Here is a picture of her that can be filed in the ‘random things’ category:


And last night was the first Skype session with Dr Wheel since he left. We had a try on Thursday but missed each other, and again on Friday. Such is the nature of the lives of two independent and busy people. Anyway, one of the things about long-distance seems to be that it takes a bit of time to re-learn how to do Skype. I’m a bit phone-phobic and sometimes struggle to hold up my end of conversations – in person this is fine because there’s touch and body language to fill in the gaps but on Skype it’s harder and the first few times after a visit I always feel a bit awkward and stilted. I guess after intense closeness the sudden change is a bit jarring.

It is reassuring though, that we have now been through every possible permutation of how this could go – I’ve visited him, he’s visited me, we’ve been apart, we’ve been together – and each time we’ve been able to adjust to the situation and get a thing going that works. So I know that while it feels a bit awkward now, I’ll soon get the hang of Skype again and it’ll be all good. I also spoke to my boss about my next visit over there which will be in July/August-ish. Not that I’m counting the days or anything..

The upshot of my somewhat disturbed weekend is that my usual essay-writing process got disrupted. Normally I braindump several thousand words onto paper on the first day, and by the end of the second one I have something close to what will be the final result. This time I have about half the words I need but they will probably all count, and I’m building my argument around them. But I’ll be working on it tonight, tomorrow night and possibly Thursday as well.

After this paper I’ll only have four more and I’ll be done. I am looking forward to not having that constant requirement to churn out academic writing – which is probably getting ahead of myself since that’s actually over a year away. *sigh* Is it normal to be this sick of it by now? I’ve been at it solidly for 3 ½ years. A 2 month break this summer will help give me the impetus for the last 2 papers, right? Right?
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