tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

4 movies in 4 days


Get Him to the Greek: RAPE IS NOT FUNNY RAPE IS NOT FUNNY RAPE IS NOT FUNNY. Parts of this made me laugh my head off but not enough to redeem it. I liked the furry wall bit and I know that most of the jokes would not work if the guy wasn't English. Also, rape is not funny.

Howl's Moving Castle (the version in Japanese): *headscratch* Uh.. um... I liked Howl's hair? I think I need someone to explain this to me. Also, some folks think this is the best movie ever. It was definitely pretty but, well. I don't get it. It was entertaining and I liked it, would watch again. And would probably still not understand.

Paul: I'm liking the trend towards movies with male characters who are comfortable with their bodies not being perfect stereotypes of what we're supposed to think is hot. Now if they could only do this for women as well, it'd be awesome. This was entertaining and easy and had Simon Pegg in it. I laughed.

Sucker Punch: Meh. Pretty graphics, liked the dragon and the pop culture references. Plot was trite, I couldn't stay engaged enough to care what happened to the characters, my inner feminist couldn't be arsed getting pissed off. The girl won even though she lost, yeah yeah, blah blah. After all the hype I was disappointed to find nothing to raise my interest levels over about 4. I wouldn't recommend spending money to see this.
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