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Would the real Anonymous please stand up

So, in an interesting turn of events, yesterday a video* was posted to YouTube purporting to be a message from the group Anonymous (of taking down PayPal/Matercard/Visa fame) to the New Zealand government. The video was taken down very quickly, for 'violating YouTube's terms of service'. However, copies of it went up again just as quickly and it's still viewable here. For the YouTube un-enabled, here's a transcript:

"This is a message to the New Zealand Government.
We are Anonymous. We have been watching the actions taken by you and your legislation. The passing of the Infringing File Sharing bill is both a form of censorship and an invasion of privacy. Anonymous will not let this go by unnoticed.

Your beliefs that one is guilty until proven innocent is an unlawful and unjust policy. We do not believe that one, when accused of copyright infringement should be questioned by their internet support provider and eligible to pay a $15,000 fine unless proven innocent. We do not believe that one, when accused of copyright infringement should be sentenced to six months suspension of internet usage unless proven innocent. We do not believe that one, when accused of copyright infringement shall be called a criminal in the eyes of the Government for the simple act of accessing information unless proven innocent.

Those opposing the copyright law via online protest – we are with you.New Zealand, you now have the full attention of Anonymous.

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us."

The video itself shows the Anonymous symbol, followed by a series stills of the blacked-out icons that symbolise the blackout protest movement, then some shots of the famous 'V for Vendetta' mask.

The story was picked up by 3 News, and also National Business Review. No other media seems to have spoken out. There's debate over whether it's real or not.

Those on the side saying it's a hoax say that the misspelling in the title and the use of the term 'internet support provider' demonstrates that this isn't Anonymous because Anonymous would not make these mistakes. Those on the side saying it's real point out that this isn't the original video, that the original was posted through an Anonymous account, and that this is a cobbled-together version that would not violate the terms of service and therefore stay there. And stay there it has.

I am not any kind of an expert on such things. I'm not sure whether or not I agree with Anonymous's methods. What I do know is that whether the video is fake or not, it's got the attention of a whole bunch of people. It will probably have the effect of polarising viewpoints - those who are against Anonymous will now feel more strongly about the filesharing legislation, and those who support them will maybe start to think about what else is going on around it.

And if Anonymous really is watching, there's a chance the issues I've been talking about here and elsewhere will actually start to make the news. Anonymous has been known to target governments before and I'd be really interested to see what might be revealed as a result of a thorough hack of ours. So in a way, I'm kind of hoping that it's real, and if it isn't I'm glad that someone did it because it's mobilised a few more people.

[edit] This vid was uploaded by anonyops today.

Last night there was dinner with Dr Wheel's family. For me with my tiny, relatively quiet family, being in that group is like going into a crazy dream. He has three brothers and with parents, partners etc we totalled 11 people. All are witty, engaged and smart and the conversation pings around the table at high speed, segueing from Mongolian ancestry to hippie pants to the genetic factor in people's perception of other people's smell in the space of minutes. All the while, food appears on the lazy susan and everyone's helping themselves at high speed, kind of like a Western yum cha. It's chaotic and brain-bending and I love it. And since there's lots of them, these dinners happen regularly. It's really nice to be included as part of a large family - as an expat it's something I have historically only got to hear about. So for me, today is Wheel Family appreciation day.

And one of them in particular. <3

* I am waiting for the day when I stop using the word 'video' to describe these short clips. Since, you know, videos haven't been used since The Kid was in nappies.
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