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Sadly, he caught That Thing on the way over and is all *moop* in bed and feeling a bit rotten with sore throat and headache. On the upside, he's extra-warm! Also on the upside, he should be feeling better in a couple of days, just in time for the Easter holiday. Meanwhile, it was a Plants vs Zombies, sewing, blobbing and *censored* kind of weekend.

Things that you can't get in Hong Kong that we've fed to him since he arrived: fish and chips, Hell pizza. Because that's healthy, right?

One of the things I inherited from Mum was a swiss ball. It's RED MATE, LIKE A FIRE ENGINE! *cough* It's also languished around the place getting in the way and glowing redly and doing not very much for the last few months. I have finally found a use for it.

What? Yes, they have them at the gym too. But the gym is for gym stuff, home is for other stuff. At least, until I get excited about things that I want to be able to do but can't - like flagging. Enter the swiss ball, which is wobbly and round and quite good for doing things that increase core strength. So I've been playing with it twice a day in a "Let's see if I can make myself hurt" kind of way. Turns out that yes, yes I can. Mostly in the shoulders as I try to do one of these:

only with my feet on the ball. Hilarity and much falling about the place ensues. I can do it resting on one elbow rather than the palm. It's harder than it looks, balance-wise. Once I have that stable I'll try the 'standing' version. Also, feet on ball pushups. And anything else I can think of that requires effort. But after a lot of hooping, it's actually pretty hard to make my core muscles hurt. Hmm..

We have inherited yet another giant beanbag. This one was in need of repair as it'd got a tear in it. So I made a giant calico bag and then we transferred the beans into the new bag to repair the outer. I recommend doing this with any beanbag you own, because it makes it much easier to handle the beans when you want to wash or repair the outer. Although, putting the bag of beans back inside the repaired outer makes me think of replacing prolapsed bearings in cows. ;-/

Tonight I'm getting my back zapped, then going to Murray Horton's talk on the TPPA, then hopefully catching Bunny's talk at Nerdnite. Busy Monday.

I would rather be spending the day in bed.
Tags: grey weekend, silly balance exercises, sleepy warm boy mmm
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