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I wonder if it's healthy to maintain this level of anticipatory excitement for an extended period of time. Anything that feels this good is probably bad for me. They should probably ban it. *cough*

This weekend I cracked out the sewing machine for the first time in what feels like ages, and in reality is about 6 months.

I failed to mention it on Friday, but Thursday's trip to Arthur Toye was successful. I'd heard conflicting reports about the new shop but when I got there I was impressed. They have about the same amount of space and they've filled it chocka the same way they did with the old one. The selection seemed to be about the same and they had some lovely batik cottons on special. I ended up getting one of those and some plain green poplin. They also had potential Dress O Doom fabrics but my mental picture still wasn't formulated enough to choose one. I figured I'd do some sewing and it might come to me.

So on Saturday morning I got the machine out of mothballs and made some pants, having cut the pattern from the original pants on Thursday night. Each pair took about an hour and So.Easy! These are the most comfortable and non-complicated pants in the world:

Normal ones.

Hippy ones that look like something Mum would wear but will probably work with mah hairz.

And then I went and got us a DVD player with a USB port. It cost a grand total of $99 and we plugged it in and it just works. WIN! I also went to see Antoine and Scott about my scar. The tattoo lines have still not faded out and it's looking like they aren't going to. I was a bit nervous about talking to them because I know that it's a potential drama-causing situation, in which I was prepared to get bolshy but didn't really want to. I have two options:

1. Have the remaining tattoo lines lasered out. Would be relatively quick and easy but requires a third person to be involved.
2. Have Scott do a cut and peel to remove them. Would definitely work and bring out the scarring, but would mean another 12 hours or so under the knife.

Luckily for me, Antoine was cool about it. He was very surprised the lines hadn't faded out, did some poking and prodding then said he's prepared to cover the cost of lasering. At that point a weird thing happened. I had been prepared to stand up for my right to get what I'd paid for. Instead, I met with professionalism and a good attitude. So instead of having to be stubborn and insistent, everything just worked, and now I'm thinking I don't know how much lasering costs but if it turns out to be more than I paid for the tattoo, I don't want Antoine to be out of pocket. So I'm willing to come to some kind of arrangement with him. If he'd been a dick about it, I'd be all YOU PAY, but since he's being good about it, I'm willing to share the cost. Weird how that works.

Anyway, the upshot is I now have to sort out getting the lasering done, because Scott also recommends this approach. I know there'll be touch-up work to do on the scar and he sensibly pointed out that it'll be easier for him to see what needs doing once the lines are gone. I'm not keen to be incapacitated while Joel's here so this will probably all happen in May. It's nice to get it sorted though.

I enjoyed seeing the Kiwiburn movie on the big screen with other people around. If you haven't seen it and you want to, you should go here and buy it. For $20NZ it's well worth it. Also, I'm in it! And they managed to make me look like a good shearer! *squee*

Also, I bought fabric for The Dress. I eventually decided on a deep purple/pink stretch velvet. The idea of velvet is a bit cringey but it has everything I wanted - stretch, weight for drape, texture and depth of colour. I have a design in my mind now which is a combo of the various things I've seen, and I'm going to have to make my own pattern. So, to make this seem easy I thought I'd do something hard: making cushions.

Since when is making cushions hard? Since I started doing it. It's part of my pact with Polly that we'll try to use up at least some of the fabric we have before buying any more (we are mutual fabric enablers oh noes!). Taking up a lot of space in the fabric linen cupboard were several bags of inherited cushion stuffing and remnants of fun fur from various projects. In terms of effective ways of making space in the cupboard, this was perfect. So first I made cushions (easy) and then I made covers. Cushion covers are easy if you're working with plain fabric. Putting zips in fun fur? Not so much. The hardest part is not being able to see what you're doing and also when the fur gets tangled around the zip foot. Three broken needles and some blue air later though, I had these:

You may recognise some of this fabric from such items as The E-tard Magnet and the Stealth Cloak of Raveyness. I got to keep the leftovers from those and in combination with the burgundy stuff (which is SO.SILKY) I now have a giant pile o cushions on my bed. I have no doubt that those who donated the fabric for these will also get to enjoy them. They are big. And squishy. And furry.


Oh, and I breastblocked the washing line too. Washing is heavy, apparently. And washing line posts are not put in as deep as fenceposts, usually only set in concrete, so they eventually lean inwards and have to be supplied with a breastblock and a kickplate to stop them falling over. Yay for being able to do such things.

It was nice to have a weekend that felt like a weekend, and to have Things to show for it.

STILL FOUR MORE SLEEPS but a couple of hours less now
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