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Sparked by the (once again) lousy weather, a post by allyn and my surprise!payrise, I am thinking about wet weather gear.

I've driven in twice this week, both times because of the combination of wet and cold. When I take the train, I have a walk of about 1km from home to train, then another of about the same distance from train to work. And of course the return trip, 4km in total. While I can take cover under shopfronts for the town part, my walk from home is down a southerly-exposed, shelter-free hill. The way things are now, if it's raining and windy, I get wet. Then I get cold and I stay cold, because unlike the olden days I am sitting still all day.

So when the weather's crap I have this dilemma - spend extra money and carbon driving into work for the sake of my own comfort, or suffer all day being wet and cold.

Back in the olden days I didn't care what the weather did for two reasons - I had good wet weather gear and my work involved moving around so I stayed warm.

Now, I'm a townie. I sit at a desk all day in an air-conditioned building that doesn't seem to keep up with the changes in temperature outside very well. I wear clothes that are not conducive to the coat-and-leggings combo that was so effective on the farm for keeping rain and wind out.

Wellington is a very windy city so brollies are somewhat pointless - they might be useful maybe four days a year, the rest of the time they stop nothing because the rain is horizontal and they turn inside out and are just a pain in the arse.

So I'm thinking, I'm not the first person to face this problem surely? I need better wet weather gear. I feel guilty taking my car in for several reasons - the waste of fossil fuel, the contribution to carbon emissions, the cost of parking my car that adds up over a month to a pair of pants for my kid if it rains 2 days a week, the laziness of it. Etc.

What I have is a very effective shell jacket that I've used for snowboarding - it's windproof and waterproof and has a wire-edge hood that actually stays up in the wind. But it only comes down just past my bum, and the water drips off and soaks my bottom half and I end up just as wet and cold. In the past there would have been leggings, but I wear skirts. I need something longer. The other disadvantage with my jacket is that while it's supposedly breathable, I sweat inside it and my clothes get clammy.

I feel like what I need is a lightweight, waterproof trenchcoat with some kind of system for making sure it doesn't just get blown out and off my legs as I walk in Wellington's winds. Outdoor gear for indoor people?

So anyway, there's a wealth of people on my flist who must have good systems for keeping dry and warm in this situation. Please, if you know what the answer is, tell me. And yeah, while I've lived in Wellington since 2003 I have only lived in this situation for 2 winters, both of which have been punctuated with me alternately taking my car, then guilting out and walking and spending the day being cold and wet.

But at least I have waterproof boots now!

A couple of links: Our government has given Brazilian company Petrobras permission to do exploratory drilling off the East Coast. Iwi are unimpressed. I am wondering how the passing of the Takutai Moana Bill will impact this, given that it provides the right for iwi to claim customary title through the courts. This is the kind of thing that Maori would prevent under customary title, NOT white people's access to the beaches as certain shit-stirring politicians would have us believe. Frankly, I'd rather Ngati Porou controlled this area than some Brazilian company that plans to take 94% of any profit out of NZ, and lives far enough away that they won't be affected by any accidents. Just saying.

Interesting article on the potential use of medication to produce morality. This is getting closer and closer to being possible, in fact the article claims it's already happening only we don't see it that way. Is this ethically ok? I'm conflicted. Medications help so many people, yet it would be so easy to start seeing any deviance as a mental illness and 'treating' it with drugs to produce a pliable society. Soma, anyone?

Finally, I failed at fabric AGAIN. Arthur Toye has moved. The place they were in now sells crappy-looking gym clothes. But, I found out where it is so lunch time today is all about fabric. Yes it is, damnit. *is stubborn*
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