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First world problems

Our DVD player is huckery and old. It was one we bought second hand and cheap with a bunch of other house stuff when we moved in, and 2 years on it's temperamental on the best of days and on the others it's just plain mental. Or at least, overly sensitive. We have some discs that have only been played half a dozen times, yet our DVD player turns up its nose and goes "Ew scratches!" Which is a total lie but hey, if it won't play it won't play, and we sit there going "But.. but.. Sam and Dean! WAH!"

So it's probably time for a new one. The house account has recovered from buying the firewood and we have a little money to play with so I thought I'd investigate our options. Seems that Blu-Ray is The Thing These Days (yes yes I know it's been around for 10 years but OHAI WE'RE KIWIS and stuff takes a while to filter down here) - it seems to have really jumped in the last couple of years particularly. Consequently, DVD players are cheap as. Blu-Ray players cost a little more (but not much more) than what I'd been expecting to pay for a decent quality DVD player, so hence I am now looking at them. I was convinced by the bit where our oldskool DVDs (of which we have quite a few) will play in a Blu-Ray player, so we don't lose all our media. And lots of them seem to have a USB port too.

But beyond that, I know nothing of Blu-Ray. I've read the wiki page and gleaned from that that it's better and pretty soon we won't be able to buy DVDs of media* at all. Fine, happy to update. But what's good quality? I know that in many cases, price isn't necessarily an indicator. So I'm throwing it to the floor - who Knows Stuff about this and what would you recommend? We are not made of money but we have a bit because our house account is a squirrel - $300-$400 would be about right for good entertainment tech at our level I think. So, um, what brands are good value for money?

* Yes I am a buyer of media - I prefer to pay for my entertainment because I like to support the makers of it. However, I think the copyright machinations that make it so some things are not available in NZ for months after everyone else can buy them, or even that we never get said things, are ridiculous. And I'm not above pirating in such a situation. Fuck them and their draconian bullshit designed to extract more money. *ahem*

Also, in case you didn't know, today is Christopher Walken's birthday. Well, technically for us it was yesterday because it's 31 March but he's in the US so, you know.. Anyway, have a tribute thingy:

He's awesome. He's also a year younger than my Mum and has Ranty Dave hair.

Um, yeah. See you at Fidels I guess.
Tags: christopher walken is awesome, just saying
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