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Here comes the anger

Last night I cleaned out First's kennel. I am going to sell it straight away because I know that it's best for me not to have a dog right now, but last night I found myself browsing heading pups on TradeMe and I woke up this morning with the Tux song stuck in my head:

I know how this goes, and I have to not let my feeling of something missing in my life turn into another dog when it really shouldn't. So yeah, selling the kennel. Donating the leftover food to the SPCA. Putting the photo on the ancestor altar. And not getting another dog. ;-/

Also, to those people who think it's a good idea to have bots that search out people who tweet about their pets dying and auto-follow them with pet insurance company accounts - FUCK OFF. Seriously.

First, a whine. My Mum died, my partner lives in another country and my dog died. My life is officially a country and western song. If Billy Ray Cyrus follows me on Twitter I may just go postal.

So anyway, on to happier news. I got an assessment from IRD the other day in which this year I'm supposed to get $80 a month for Child Support. This is surprisingly good news - last year about October they decided The Kid's father didn't have to pay anything at all, since he supposedly had no income at all. Weirdly, two days before I got that letter he had been talking to The Kid on the phone, telling him how he was working and saving up to pay the back amount (now about $6000), and that it'd be paid before Christmas.

Needless to say it didn't eventuate. Now, IRD reckons he has an income again. The minimum CS you can pay if you have any income at all is $60 a month, for those on a benefit. So it seems he's claiming to be making just over benefit levels of money. But if he were actually on a benefit, they'd be extracting $5 a week or so from him to go towards the back amount. They aren't, which means he's not on a benefit. It also means I won't actually get anything because he's proven time and again that he just doesn't pay unless he's forced.

I have received nothing since July last year. In fact, last year I only received 2 payments. Which leads to the next thing.

IRD still think I owe them $900. Last month they sent me a letter telling me that since I've always been a good payer they would extend my deadline for this till 31 March before applying penalties. I wrote in reply saying that since it was the CS I was supposed to receive that put my income over the cut-off for Family Support and I hadn't actually received said CS, chances are I should have received some Family Support last year and I didn't. By my calculations using their tools and a payslip, it should have been about $400 in total - which means that when everything comes out in the wash I only owe them maybe $500.

I sent them a letter saying this and pointing out that if I were to pay them the full amount, I'd be effectively loaning them money and that this whole thing happened because of their mistakes, so I'd prefer to wait until the end of year square up (end of March) to find out exactly how much I owe before parting with my money. I also took the opportunity to remind them (again) that I'm owed a large amount of money in CS and am currently raising a kid with no financial help.

Their response? There wasn't one. However, when I checked their site today* I see they have whacked a bunch of penalties on there, going against what they said they'd do. And my CS account information is unavailable - a thing they said they'd fixed two months ago.

* I do this occasionally. It's a form of self-flagellation because despite myself, there's always a tiny bit of hope that maybe this month we'll get something. It's also a good way of staying on top of the comedy of errors that is anything IRD does in relation to me, and hopefully catching any bullshit that will end up with me owing money before it gets too bad. You should do it too. The voice of experience.

Like I said in the title, right now I'm feeling angry and venting it on the IRD is a tempting displacement activity. And really? I am so sick of their complete apathy with retrieving CS I'm currently owed, never mind the growing back-debt, while they harrass me over an amount that's less than 1/10 of that and came about because of their fuckup.

What should I do, internets?
Tags: debtors prison for me, i'm such a bad person, ird have the dumb
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