tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

In which I have no shame and am also a show off

OK so now it's finished and been gifted to tieke and happyinmotion, I can brag on the internet about it. So without further ado...

In case you're wondering, it's a rug and it's about 170cm x 90cm. One of those ones where you hook the little bits of wool through the grid thing with a latch-hook. I started spinning the wool just after Joel left at the end of October last year, and 5 seasons of Supernatural later it's finally done. The design is copied from one of the circuit boards that Happy used when making the Fannies* - LED fans that change colour with whatever movement you're making. It's supposed to be all arty and juxtapose the ancient art of spinning/fibre work with modern tech. I think it kind of works.

Now I'm going to go make that dress which I shall wear somewhere, damnit!

* Which I don't have a decent photo of btw despite checking Happy's gallery - dude only posted pics of the electronics wtf?

And look, look! rivet is in Sinfest!

My lecture for today was cancelled cos Liz has to have dental surgery. How will I ever learn about corporate crime now?
Tags: crafty, mah fingers they hurt, moar trashy tv plzkthxbye
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