tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

More dogsnot news in which I am not reassured

I just heard back from the vet. The x-rays show there's a mass in her nose and some bone degeneration, but they still couldn't get in there to see what it is. The possibilities include bacterial infection (unlikely because she's not 'under the weather'), fungal infection, or a tumour.

The next step is to take a culture of her snot (ew) and also to send her to the lab where they are set up to do a something-oscopy (look up her nose with a camera) so they can identify what the mass is.

Wish I had better news. The upside is she's that healthy that she coped fine with the anaesthetic despite her age and the chest x-rays they took showed nothing unusual.
Tags: first, gross things my dog does, meep
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