tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

In which mah dawg grosses out the vet

The story starts with a sneezing dog. No big deal, it's summer and she likes sticking her nose in bushes full of pollen. I've been sneezing a lot too.

Fast forward a few weeks and it seems she's knocked her nose on the aluminium door frame* - a small amount of blood coming from one nostril and head shaking, fix it up so she can't do this any more, a couple of weeks it seems like it's healing.

* This is part of the obsessive cat-watching thing where she paces back and forth in front of the window whenever the cat appears. She cuts it very fine and sometimes she bangs her nose.

I got home and there were two large areas of blood splatter on the concrete outside and bloodstains all over her front legs and gobs of bloody mucus coming out of her left nostril. *eep* Through all this she's been perfectly happy, bouncy, eating and crapping and behaving no differently from usual, but that amount of blood means no, it's not healing, time for the vet.

We figured there was something stuck up there, maybe a grass seed or something. The vet thinks it's more likely a polyp that's got irritated and burst, which would explain the lack of signs of infection and the copious amount of mucus and blood. Worst case scenario it could be a tumour, but she said that's unlikely because normally they grow outwards as well as inwards and show signs on the outside.

She took her temperature and put a scopey thing up her nose but couldn't see anything. First behaved like the well bred lady she is the entire time, and the vet was quite taken with her. To the point where she put one hand each side of First's head and was cooing at her, telling her what a good dog she is. First, having impeccable timing, chose this moment to sneeze in her face.


Anyway, the upshot is she's going in on Monday because they can't see past the blood and mucus in her nose so they'll have to sedate her and x-ray her head to see if there's a mass in there. After that we'll decide what to do depending on the result.

This could be expensive, luckily I have some emergency savings these days. Meanwhile, folks would be well advised not to get too up close and personal with her cos she's +10 BloodSnotSpatter Attack.

Naturally, I spent some time last night reflecting on the fact that First is actually my oldest friend, having been with me for 12 years, and that 12 is quite old for a heading dog. I have decided that when the time comes I will take her back to Tinui, to the farm she was born on, and bury her there. It's only right.

But right now, you'd only know she's 12 cos I told you. ;-)
Tags: blood, first, mah dawg, snot
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