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First lecture today!

So it appears that the offering of money to heroin addicts for sterilisation that's occurring in the US and the UK is being done by an independent charity which is not government supported (merely allowed*) and thus doesn't really fit within the scope of something I can investigate as a potential state crime. Bugger.

But apparently forced sterilisations occur in China and have occurred in Peru as recently as 2002. The Peruvian ones were aimed at the poor, which could make an interesting case study. Meanwhile, some guy in Australia mooted the idea of forcing those convicted of child abuse to be sterilised and one of our ACT MPs in New Zealand wants to open discussion about offering $5000 to 'bad' parents to be sterilised. And there are reports of the Czech Republic using coercive sterilisation on Roma women as recently as 2006. See also: Uzbekistan, where there's rumour among the people, denied by officials, that forced and coercive sterilisations are being used on women with three or more children as population control. This is hard to verify because Uzbekistan is a country that discourages communication with the outside world through sanctions on citizens that do.

There's a lot of stuff out there about historical eugenics, but much less contemporary (post-2000). And from what I can see, it all looks pretty cut and dried - therefore less of a meaty investigative research project and more a fact-finding-and-regurgitation mission. Not really what I'm after.

(* does this count? no idea)

More bugger.
Tags: frustrating dead end, inspiration needed
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