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This weekend

Was brought to you by Good Food and Good Company.

I have eaten so much cheese that my students won't stay in the same room with me *giggles* .. I have had stilton, brie, edam, camembert, aukai (italico style), jalapeno cheese and a gouda with cumin. Most excellent.

Also, the most pot-luck pot-luck tea ever, in front of fire on bedroom floor, with a variety of yummies from Aro chips through to unnamed but delectable sauces and eggplant..

You know, that thing about sense of community being created by people sitting down and sharing food.. there's definitely something in that.. hmm.

And, tonight, because I can, and because I had lots of cream left over from the garlic butter, I made whipped cream and had it with sliced fresh pear and it was yummy and I'm replete.

Note to self: Must buy vegies.
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