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I am expecting Twitter to explode with acerbic comments today

So today is the day that the Welfare Working Group reports to parliament with recommendations about welfare reforms. It's expected that they will recommend work-testing of DPB parents (again), punitive measures towards those on a benefit long term, and the potential for moving towards an insurance-style benefit regime. Our esteemed Prime Minister* says that the main theme of the report will be to move people into work.

Well John, how about you create some jobs then? You know, instead of axing them by the thousands?

As an aside, this is worth reading. It's Meritiria Turei's response to Mr Key's bragging speech about how awesomely he thinks his government is doing.

* I'm a little afraid the distraction of this report will cause more BMW limousines to miraculously appear.

Thank fuck.

Over there, a politician has introduced a bill that will make paternity testing of all babies mandatory.

I've read a few responses to this, which naturally range from the sublime to the ridiculous. From what I can tell, those who support the bill are the folks who think it would help track down deadbeat dads and absolve those whose spouse has cheated on them. Those who are against it believe it's too much government interference in private matters and yet another reduction in bodily autonomy for women. And pretty much everyone wants to know who's going to pay for this and what will be done with the DNA database that would be created.

Frankly, I don't see what's wrong with the law the way they have it now - if paternity is in question, either parent (or supposed parent) can pursue a paternity test, and refusal in these circumstances can bring about state interference depending on whether child support or welfare payments are involved. They have proof of paternity pretty well covered in Kansas, so I fail to see why they need to make it mandatory for all children to be tested.

And I can't help thinking about when I was pregnant with The Kid and having doubts about bringing a child into such a crappy relationship, I expressed these doubts to my husband, who talked to his father, who suggested that maybe I felt that way because The Kid wasn't his. Husband yelled this at me during a fight, and I just went " ... "

I had the FIL up about this, told him exactly how disgusted I was with him, and basically didn't speak to him again. Ever. It was in that moment that I realised the extent of the mistrust of women that had been fed to my husband - the very first reason they could come up with that I might be feeling doubtful about being a parent was that I was a lying, cheating whore. Awesome. I was vindicated when The Kid came out looking so much like his father, but I never forgot that my integrity had been placed in doubt by someone else's idea of the nature of women.

This paternity testing bill seems to me to be based in a similar mistrust. Yeah, some people sleep around, some create children from this, and some lie. Guess what? Most don't. And this law assumes that left to their own devices, women lie. Hear that ladies? You're all liars! There should be a law about that! Oh wait..


Last night I spent some time mucking about with Prezi. I liked it, once I got the hang of the differences between than and PowerPoint. I think it's simpler and it definitely looks nice. I'm not any kind of presentation whiz** but it's allowing me to string stuff together in a logical sequence and provide some visual backup to the information that's mostly in my head.

** If I could take a live sheep in and shear it on the spot, I totally would.

PS my car is being serviced today. When I phoned Armstrong Mitsubishi about this for my old car, they quoted me $450. The local service station (who have been doing most of my car work for a while now) are doing it for $170.

Yes, I am too lazy to do it myself, why do you ask?
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