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A thing, a question and a request

Yesteday a thing happened that I thought was rather amusing.

Family First is a lobby group in New Zealand, made up of the kind of people who call up talkback radio and blame everything from the 'skyrocketing' divorce rate to the disappearance of the bees on Boobs on Bikes, gay marriage, or legal prostitution. They are about as conservative as it gets in New Zealand and I think they'd like to see all us women staying home as property both before and after marriage (check out how they present their couples), because marriage is the institution that upholds 'true family values'. Won't anybody think of the children? (oh but we should be allowed to smack them) Etc etc blah blah.

So anyway, they decided to do an online survey to see what they should lobby about next. The survey contained questions such as "The government should legislate to recognise the personhood of unborn children and protect them from conception to birth." With the usual array of 'strongly agree' to 'strongly disagree' and a ticky box.

There were questions about pornography, nudity, same sex marriage, adoption (should it only be available to a married hetero couple?), prostitution, drinking age, gambling, tax breaks for the married, etc. The only questions I agreed on were the slow reduction of the number of pokie machines and the reduction of opportunity cost for people who stay home to raise their kids - although I know their idea of 'stay at home' involves a lot less choice than mine does.

A person on Twitter got hold of the link to this survey. Twitter did what Twitter does, and a couple of hours later the site went down. Exceeded bandwidth.

Dear Family First, if you're going to do an online survey, please realise that not just your talkback radio cronies will answer it. And there are a lot of us that disagree with you, we're online and we talk to each other. Also, please publish the raw data for your survey because I'd love to see it.

Survey here. At least, maybe here sometime in the future.

Question: If I had a wooden drawer knob that was held on by a screw from the other side of the bit of wood, and the hole the screw had made had worn to the point where the screw thread wasn't holding it on any more, and I didn't want to buy a new one, what could I use to fill the hole and make it stick again?

Request: Wish me luck. I have an exam today. I feel underprepared. I already have 53% for the course so I only need to turn up to pass, but I want to kick arse.

Have a nice day, folks.
Tags: crazy conservatives, haha wallies, internet action
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