tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

LinkedIn fail

As mentioned, I recently updated my profile on LinkedIn. Part of this is that they ask you if you want to invite people to your network. "OK, I'm looking for a job," I thought, "Expanding my network sounds like a good plan." So I clicked yes.

At which point the site spidered every person I've ever emailed through any of the email addresses I use.

Now here's the bit where I feel a bit dumb. 900 and something addresses came up, all selected. Instead of deselecting them all and only reselecting the ones I wanted to send to, I started deselecting them individually. If you were in the first 300, you're one of the lucky ones. But my laptop was running out of battery and I got pissed off with it and eventually clicked 'send'.

Now, anyone who hasn't responded to the invitation is getting sent reminders spam every couple of days. I have found a way to stop this, which requires me to open each individual invitation and withdraw it. I'm doing that. It'll take a while.

I have to ask though, what sort of professional networking site thinks it makes their clients look professional to spam their potential contacts with repeated invitations? Surely one is enough? I'm considering deleting my profile over this because WTF?
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