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Oops, study eating my brain = wordy post.

Dear John Key,

I don't actually care who you find hot. I do care that you're willing to sit there and talk about women on TV with someone who broke his girlfriend's back, as if you're all matey and share views or something. I also care that you're even entertaining the idea of raising GST again.

Dear Phil Goff,

Grow a backbone. "Me too!" is not the response of a potential leader I can respect. "Why the hell would I care?" is. Also, please retire and let someone who has more impact than a wet fish take over as leader of the opposition. I'd eat my own vomit (sans garnish) rather than vote for the Smarmy Git and his pack of self-serving snakes, but your party doesn't get my vote either without clear policy and someone who can sell it.

Neither of you is 'one of us' - at least not for my values of what 'us' means. Also, the Rugby World Cup will not distract me and I resent the blatant attempt at manipulation that setting the election date straight afterwards implies.

Why women can't lay bricks. In comic sans.

Speaking of which, I'm curious about how many of you have received craziness in your inbox, and what sort of craziness it is. I never have, so clearly I'm not famous enough. I know ferrouswheel occasionally gets email from people wanting to join the Illuminati..

Meanwhile, Wellington is gearing up for the Sevens. For those of you that don't know what that is, it's a seven-a-side rugby tournament that started off as a rugby tournament and now bears little resemblance to a rugby tournament but is instead a giant party. It's the weekend when the usually fairly conservative and staid Mainstream Wellington dresses up in costume and cuts loose - kind of like Kiwiburn for the masses, with more booze and less doof. There's a giant blow-up bar down on the waterfront that I think certain Illuminites might be interested in going and having a look at. Sadly, it's covered with advertising, but the concept is pretty cool.

It's also Chinese New Year. The Chinese population in Wellington, perhaps sensibly, have opted to hold their parade and main public events next weekend. I don't think it'd be very auspicious to start the year by being either a) jeered at by drunk rugby fans, or b) mistaken for costumed Sevens supporters and having a bunch of drunk rugby fans join in the parade, you know?

Also, did you know that they're repealing the Foreshore and Seabed Act? I didn't, until a few days ago. It'll be replaced with The Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act. Currently it's still a bill and is with the Select Committee, but it seems likely to go through. From what I can tell, it returns us to the situation that existed prior to the F&S Act, ie that the foreshore and seabed, unless arleady under title, will be deemed to belong to nobody, and that Maori may attempt to prove customary title in court. The main controversial issues seem to be that should a group be awarded customary title, they are then allowed to govern it according to their own principles and free from the restrictions of the Resource Management Act. The owners will also have right of veto over resource consent for anyone else wanting to use the area for an activity. And the iwi involved gets to create a 'planning document' which must be taken into account by regional authorities in any dealings they have that involve the area. Apparently some people have a problem with this.

So to phrase the situation another way, Maori will once again have the right to claim title to parts of the foreshore and seabed, they will be able, once holding said title, to use it according to their own principles and to govern it their own way, including prevention of other parties from using it in ways of which they disapprove. Government will not be able to act in contradiction of the desires of the iwi. There are clauses in this legislation that ensure right of access for all New Zealanders (excepting situations of rahui), and there are clauses allowing the Minister of Conservation to step in if the area is being used in a detrimental way.

I don't see a problem with this. Part of tino rangatiratanga includes self-governance. To give someone title to an area and then not allow them to decide how it will be used but instead to impose legal restriction on their governance would indicate a lack of trust and amount to a token response - "Yes, we'll pay lip service by giving you the title but we don't trust you to know how to look after your own property so we'll keep control of that thanks." I'm inclined to think that if NZ ever wants to be truly bicultural, Maori should be given license to actually govern their own land, and trusted to do it in a sustainable way. From what I have learned, it seems to me that Maori have a few more clues about conservation and protection of land than people give them credit for, and I think they have the right to demonstrate this in practice.

At some point in this, there must be trust - and to do anything other than allow complete tino rangatiratanga is to remove trust and to impose values and power, and thus to change nothing.

Last night I got to sleep by 12:30, and woke up before the alarm without too much difficulty. I think I've picked up a lurgy but so far it doesn't seem too bad and I haven't quarantined myself yet. The next stage of my scarification is scheduled for the 13th of February. My exam for MAOR123 is scheduled for the 16th of February. I'm going to a festival on the 19th of February. This year I only get 1 free week between courses and the one on State Crime starts on the 4th of March. It only has one lecture a week for two hours - I'm quite rapt about this since lugging myself up to uni twice a week becomes a barrier to learning when the weather's hot or wet. Andandand! The lecture's at 2pm on a Friday so when it's done I don't have to go back to work! This makes me happy. Instead I can go to Fidels and regale people with my thoughts on what I have learned!

*watches the fidels crowd disappear into the woodwork*

Also, the lecturer is Liz Stanley, who is fifteen different shades of awesome and who almost convinced me to switch from Social Policy to Criminology with her last course. And who also happened to be at the talk at Vic for the research I'm involved in through Auckland University, and one of the people who's noticed me. Exciting!

But you know, I have to finish this essay and sit an exam before I get to think too much about that.

See you at Fidels?
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