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Shop till you drop

The mission: Spend $250 on opshop clothes in one day. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Heh. We started at 10.30 and finished at 4.30.. visited Petone, Johnsonville and Waitangirua. I ended up with 9 tops, 2 skirts and 2 pairs of pants and spent $80. By the time we'd finished at Waitangirua we'd both had enough and needed food and a nap. We got sore arms from going through racks..

Kim had never been to the shop in Waitangirua and was blown away by the sheer volume of stuff in there. If you haven't been out there, it's excellent and clothes average $6.

Apparently there are women in the world who do that every day. I'm sure you could get adequate exercise, getting in and out of your clothes 50 times a day. It would be much easier if you could just walk around in your underwear, trying stuff on as you go.

I had fun and got everything on my list so I won't be buying clothes for a while. Kim made a big dent in her need for clothes. I think we are all shopped out..

And I have sassy pinstripe pants! ;-) w00t!
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