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In which we carry large household items through crowded streets - Tactical Ninja

Jan. 24th, 2011

12:39 am - In which we carry large household items through crowded streets

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Last night we decided we wanted burgers for dinner. This isn't as simple as it might be in a Western country, but eventually we found some in a place on the 9th floor of Times Square mall. Yes, 9 floors of mall!

Watch as Tats' eyes get bigger and bigger and she whips out her camera and looks like a right tourist...

They have the escalators set up so you can't go up or down without traipsing past many many shops - which from a marketing perspective is probably a good idea. One of the shops is a bookshop, so we went in for a nosey. It had a large English non-fiction section which we made a beeline for.

Differences of note: The business, self-help and design sections were considerably larger than anything you'd find in a New Zealand bookshop. Also the languages section. The science, history and tourism sections were smaller, and sorry Polly but the magic and religion section, as far as I could see, was nonexistent. In the design section the focus was on coffee table books. Weirdly, given the Hong Kong penchant for utilising space efficiently, these books are ginormous - like, some of them were 60cm by about 40cm. There were also a lot of books with pages and pages of print patterns that you could copy for crafts.

I took a photo on the way back down:

That thing at the bottom is a New Year decoration, and it has rotating daisies on it. Inside is the Gold Thing for today (the biggest so far):

We also went to a dessert restaurant where Joel ordered durian pancakes. Durian is every bit as smelly as folks say it is, and while it was definitely edible, the too-ripe-peaches flavour with an edge of rotten was not really to my taste. The burps that followed demonstrated why durian is banned from public transport in some countries, and I find myself wondering if it could be used as another product to make perfumes last, like ambergris and rock hyrax poo.

Today was about getting stuff for the new flat, which involved going to a shop in Mong Kok called PriceRite. We'd been there the other day to buy a mop and bucket for cleaning the flat with, and one of the staff had appointed herself our personal assistant. She was there again today and really did make life easier as we chose everything from a wall unit to a single-element induction cooker:

To a toilet brush and a rubbish bin. She took things from us as we chose them and stacked them behind the counter so we could collect and pay for everything on the way out (this shop is four floors so carrying all that stuff around would have been a mission). As it was, carrying it the 100m from the shop to the flat through the Ladies' Market at busybusy time was, um.. interesting. Yay for the increased tolerance levels of people living in a crowded city.

So there is now stuff in the flat. The kitchen looks like this:

Sooner or later there'll be a fridge or a washing machine in that space, but right now it has a plant and some cloths and a cutting board. More pictures when there's some actual furniture.

To celebrate, we went to a Japanese restaurant where there was no English on the menu and the staff didn't really speak it either. I pointed to what I wanted, and they explained that it had "Egg" and "Meat" in it. I was fine with that. It turned out to be roasted eel on a bed of egg and varied mushrooms with some form of offal mixed in. It was surprisingly tasty!

On the way home we decided to celebrate our consumerist success with chocolate and a bottle of wine for Joel. Here he is trying to look as arrogant as the label:

If you look closely at the frog, we think he looks more stoned than arrogant.

Tomorrow we're going to Disneyland! *squee*

Also, I hear some folks are heading to Kiwiburn in the (Unzud) morning - you'll be gone by the time I wake up, so all you people have an awesome time and I'll see you on the other side. I can't wait to hear your tales of what life-changing experiences you had this time round!

Look out for Ninja Camp - there are many ninjas this year..


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Date:January 24th, 2011 06:29 am (UTC)
is back from druidcamp.. might of left the TAB there, cause well actually they kidnda wanted to keep him.. well for an extra night anyway.. teheh

i do beleive middle tom had heaps of fun, and enjoyed himself. also nicola is up there keeping an eye on him pluss he was a big hit, and dug a trench for the camp kitchen sink.. wheee.. helped with baby fin, helped in the kitchen and was generally an awsometastic young man.. it was great to have him there.. yay

and now it is time for steak.. nomnomnom...

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Date:January 24th, 2011 11:19 am (UTC)

*proud mum*

Still no idea why I should be proud, he does this stuff all by himself, but still..

*proud mum**

Glad you guys had a good time! ;-)
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Date:January 24th, 2011 05:26 pm (UTC)
yeah.. camp mum nicola, and other mum me were also very proud.. especially when he took the roll of east in the lughnanssa ritual.. he looked pretty awsome!!

so yup.. is proud all around really!!
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