tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

My immune system, let me show you it

Last night I looked at my brainfart and it was as bad as I thought. I added 200 words and took off 700 and that made it better. I have another 700 words to remove and by then it should read better, but to be honest I think I'm headed for my first B. But it'll get submitted and I won't fail because I don't fail. Nyah.

As you can see, the high-movement areas and the areas that are rubbed by clothing are the ones that are looking like having the most defined scarring. The area at the top of the lower diamond and right between my shoulder blades has been very hard to stretch and irritate, because nothing really touches there. The brushie brushie has helped, but it doesn't get the ALL RUBBING ALL THE TIME that the extremities get. Also, when I stretch my arms out in front of me and curve my back, the skin on the outside stretches more and those cuts open a little, reducing stress on the inner bits.

I suspect it'll need some touching up in the low-movement, low-irritation areas, but once I get back from Hong Kong it'll be a lot easier to see which bits to do. Also, the tattoo will have faded out more so it'll be easier to see where the scarring is actually going. I'm guessing that having some bits touched up at a time will allow me to focus on pulling and stretching them without the agonising owieness in other areas that I'm currently getting when I try.

We're still sticking with brushie brushie because it's still fizzing which implies it's doing something - but I suspect that leaving the country will be the end of that. I will still have to use the brush but not the peroxide while I'm away. FUN!

Also, I have no idea why I heal so damn fast. It's not like I go out of my way to be healthy, although I have definitely eaten more than my pound of dirt in my lifetime so maybe my immune system is just in permanent overdrive. Hmm..

Ph3ar my sexy scabbiness! You want to pick them, you know you do. And yeah, it's starting to itch. *gnng*

Today I am getting Hong Kong money. I have to go to Featherston St because my local branch doesn't have enough. Apparently there isn't a huge call for it. Who knew?

Also, Dr Wheel! Do you have any requests for Kiwi anything that could be brought on a plane!

Finally, if anyone can find me the Royal Brunei Airlines flight confirmation line for my part of the world, I'd be most grateful. I have failed at this. ;-/ My flights were confirmed when I bought them but I was advised to confirm again three days out as well. ;-/
Tags: ir teh scabby, scarification, study, traipsing off to foreign climes
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