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Brushie brushie brushie

So it turns out the toothbrush-and-peroxide thing is more of a science experiment than an exercise in PAAAAIN. We have discovered that the most effective way is to apply the peroxide directly with the toothbrush, and then it foams while it's eating the plasma and whatnot that forms in the channels. Then a light brush over and out it all comes, leaving an open and healthy-looking cut behind. It's all a bit fascinating - since I can't see it, I'm glad pombagira is happy to give commentary.

On a pain scale, it's lower than the actual cutting and the only bit that caused involuntary twitching was the centre of my back where the sideways stretching has left the channels a bit wider. There was virtually no blood. Not quite as nice as this:

But perfectly tolerable. It also softened things up a bit so I could move freely for a while. This information provided because lots of people have cringed at the idea of the peroxide/toothbrush treatment, but it really isn't that bad. In the mornings I've been doing stretches in the shower and light rubbing with Dr Bronner's soap and a flannel. So far so good - I'm starting to see how it might look when done and I like what I'm seeing. Tonight I will attempt to mow the lawn. I'm confident that the trip to Hong Kong will be relatively comfortable. This is a relief as I wasn't sure.

Also, I have white(er) patches where the peroxide was. I HAZ A STRIPEY! Now all I need's a tail..

In other news, I haven't been paying attention to much news lately. I know a bunch of birds and fish have died and that folks are talking about it being everything from the looming apocalypse to government military poison accidents, to parasites, to who knows what. What else is happening in the world that I should know about?

And for those who probably haven't had Pike River news lately, it seems they've got the temperature inside the mine down to about 30 degrees, but that there are still dangerous levels of gas in there so nobody's gone in yet. No doubt when they finally do get to go in, it'll be national news again. I hope it's soon. I doubt they'll find bodies - somehow I doubt they'll even find much of any remains - but it will still provide some closure for those who lost loved ones, you know?

And - I have run out of wool and it appears my supplier is on holiday because normally they respond to my order within hours but this time they haven't. How dare they take time off when there's art to be created? *MEEP* Does this mean I'll actually have to study?
Tags: brushie, not so painful ackshully, scarification
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