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Yay for spring rain!

It's now been raining for 20 hours, and showing no signs of stopping. It's the clean, falling-straight-down kind of rain that washes the winter guck off everything and heralds spring like nothing else. I want to stand outside and get washed in it (then run in, have a hot bath and dive into a warm bed with chocolate and a book).

Yesterday I went for a drive through the Akatarawas and it was beautiful. There were cherry blossoms and lambs and a cool waterfall and dizzying drops and the bush breathing mist. And snow on the peaks. We really do live in an incredible place.

This weekend is going to be another of social pleasantness, with small gatherings involving food, drink and warmth. And I get to make butter. And, the op-shopping mission (yay!). Thanks to the ladies who helped with my list, and the men who told me where the good shops are.

And coffee tonight with Captain Chemical, to plan the next trip up the mountain.

Life always feels good at the start of spring..

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