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Ladies and gentlemen - Tactical Ninja

Dec. 23rd, 2010

10:36 am - Ladies and gentlemen

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Welcome to my first day of holiday, in which I arise at the civilised hour of 9:30am, have two countem two leisurely coffees while checking my emails, and don't have to brush my hair.

It's nice. I've been up for nearly an hour and the things I should be doing have only crossed my mind about twice each.

1. Contemplated taking my pompholyx to the doctor, checked website, realised they're closed and I'd have to go to Adelaide Rd A and E and probably pay. Decided it can wait. Thing is, it's now spread to the knuckles on my hands and there's a bit between my toes as well. Because I'm paranoid about tinea I have been putting cream on this for 2-3 weeks and it's not going away. Last time I had an outbreak they did a scrape and found minute amounts of fungus in the cells, so they could potentially give me some damn pills that might kill this thing from the inside.

Yes you needed to know about my gross skin infection. Yes I'm sick of it. I've been doing everything right and IT'S STILL THERE. fuckity fuck.

2. Realised I need to weed the everything. It rained and was warm at the same time, see, and in Wellington that's the recipe for tropical growth, because our plants are geared to survive drought and Antarctic blasts. If either of these factors are absent the plants will grow. If both are absent they turn into triffids and eat stray cats, lawn ornaments and small children. Best to kill them before they become bigger than me.

3. Realised it's not raining and immediately decided I should start thinking about that last mob of sheep. Are they dry? Will they be dry by tonight? Will they still be dry in the morning? Is it actually possible that I might get them done by Christmas? Should I do my last minute Christmas shopping today just in case?

4. Related to the above, debated with myself about how much I should harrass *scarification people* about getting on with it. They've had my design for two weeks for necessary alterations relating to technical issues - basically it was a bit intricate and needed some simplifying. I know that had I not left it with them I could have redone the whole thing in Photoshop within a couple of days, but I have nothing back from them yet and I'm getting edgy. I have a small window of opportunity to get this done with sufficient recovery time before getting on a plane to Hong Kong, and we are fast approaching the time when it'll be too late, and I've heard nothing.

I don't want to be pushy but at the same time I feel, given how much this is likely to cost me, that there should be some kind of prioritising going on here, and I made my timeframes quite clear at the first meeting. At that time it seemed they were willing to work within them. Thing is, since I'll need a couple of days off work afterwards and I go back to work on the 5th, it's either in this break or after Hong Kong. And after Hong Kong I'll have no holidays left.

*gnng* Yes I'm venting. Should I email them and ask how it's going?

5. Thought about studying. Decided that I get the rest of this week before hitting the books (I got 7 of 'em out of the library yesterday) to swot up for my essay on the impact of contact with Europeans on traditional Maori leadership structures and expectations.

6. Realised it was 20 past 10 and I hadn't posted yet. So here you go.

That's a lot to think about in the 50 minutes between getting up and starting to write this. I also got a bunch of people turned up in here yesterday thanks to a tweet by @filamentmag recommending my post about the chimps. Thanks pleiadeslion!

Andandand, only three weeks till I see Dr Wheel. In the flesh, like. I will touch him lots just to make sure mmk?


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Date:December 22nd, 2010 09:55 pm (UTC)
Should I email them and ask how it's going?

Actually, from all you've written, I would call. I think you're well within your rights, and it'll be much more efficient (and harder to ignore) than e-mail. Be pleasant, talk about your time frame again, and ask what realistically they see happening so you can prepare your time appropriately.
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Date:December 23rd, 2010 04:42 pm (UTC)
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