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Dear WoW people, how is the Cataclysm expansion working out for you?

The Kid moved his main off Proudmoore before yesterday and has so far reported no problems with server crashes or anything. Since his exams are over and he's on holiday, and he's earned himself some kudos (and money) helping with the shearing, I basically said to him "I still expect you to take care of yourself, keep your room from getting stinky and do your expected chores. Other than that, I'll see you when you get over it." I expect our house to be quite peaceful for the next little bit.

Also, please to be remembering that overpopulation of Worgens will lead to other races being superpopular in the future - I suggest levelling something else as well just saying, particularly something with traits you can't get in a Worgen.

Meanwhile, I'll be over here playing something that doesn't have a subscription fee or turn into a vocation. And has PG-rated cut-scenes designed to tease without satisfying. DAMN YOU DRAGONAGE!


Not the book - although I do plan to read that. Enough people have told me it's brain-bending that it feels almost like some kind of initiation rite to have read it. Either that or self-flagellation. Either way, it's on my list.

But that's not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about the thing that's been muttered about for a while and is now apparently available, but only to a select few. I have a vague idea that it's a platform that allows you to link all your social networky stuff into one place, and I'm pretty sure it's open source. The anti-Facebook brigade are trying to convince everyone to move over there, and it's touted as the Next Big Thing.

So was GoogleWave, just saying.

Anyway, the problem with Diaspora is that while I'm told it's going to be awesome and it has the open-source-geek stamp of approval, it's actually quite hard for a layperson such as myself to get enthusiastic about. Even apart from the obvious "Oh God not another networking site I have to shift all my stuff to" issue, there are other things going on here too.

For a start, I don't even really know what it is. I don't follow a lot of the news/blog sites where it gets mentioned and I mostly rely on my plethora of geeky friends for info about this, but apart from "Diaspora will be awesome!" I haven't heard much at all. So I googled Diaspora. Top link goes to the main site. Only, when I click it, I get an ad for Google Chrome(somethingorother), telling me I have to download that before I can see anything on the site. So I didn't bother. Maybe when I'm at home using Firefox it'll be different, but for now I've lost interest, thanks to that screen and the fact that my browser, which I have no choice in, isn't supported. Were I to join this thing, does this mean I'd be excluded at work? What's the point of that?

Another part of my problem with this is that apparently you need an official invite to get started. Which essentially means that there's another barrier to joining for someone like me. Sure, I could probably get an invite if I went looking for one, but why would I go looking for one if I'm just curious rather than foaming-at-the-mouth keen? I'm kind of going "Way to set yourself up as some sort of elite geek thing and exclude a bunch of people who don't identify that way." I dislike feeling as if there's a deliberate attempt to keep non-experts out.

So I'm feeling pretty lukewarm about Diaspora right now. However, I'm willing to admit that this is most likely because I don't know very much about it and my somewhat half-hearted attempts to learn about it have been easily stymied by my apathy and the flimsy layers of exclusivity. So, internet. Please explain to me why I should make the effort to find out more and to use Diaspora.

"It's better than Facebook" won't cut it either, because I barely use Facebook and couldn't give a shit if it fell over tomorrow. I do see the value of social networking, but given I already use LJ, Twitter, occasionally FB and a few other, more obscure networking sites, why do I need another one? And why, if I were to choose to add another one, should it be Diaspora? What is fantastic about it? Not just in concept but in practice?

If you can't tell me this, please link me to somewhere that can, and is not written in that exclusive language of the alpha-beta testers that makes the rest of us feel dumb, because that's offputting. And it would help if said site worked in IE. Cheers.

Will, I don't need another lecture on why businesses shouldn't use IE. I'm already aware of all the arguments, as are all the other people who work in organisations that force their employees to use it. Cheers.

Today, I'm feeling a touch of gruntle. I know exactly why that is and there's nothing I can do about it, so I'm releasing my frustration by being acerbic. Sue me.
Tags: cataclysm, diaspora, just another social network?, worgen takeover predicted
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