tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

I likes a good freshinstall, I do!

Last night I got home with mah new toy and set out to install it and get it working. This involved installing Traktor on two machines and then setting up the controller and getting it working.

The installs went pretty well (except for the bit where Socrates felt it necessary to run a scheduled scan in the middle of the install - note to self: turn this off when playing or things will go *kersplut*). Then came the updatey part, which also went fine, except that you can't run the software on two machines at the same time so they had to be queued. 1 hour of downloading later (yep, NZ's bandwidth sucks), a bit of fiddling to install the updates and we were ready to go.

At which point my brains fell out. I set up the audio out no trouble, but totally forgot that the point of this exercise is so that I can mix - ie, I need the outputs to go not just to the PA but also to my headphones, and that the output to the phones needs to allow for monitor/cue mucking about. Doh.

At this point I decided I was probably too tired to fix it and went off to read manuals. Traktor is not intuitive from my perspective. I can see the buttons, I know what they do, but could not immediately figure out how to beatmatch off this thing. It probably didn't help that *see above about the headphones snafu*

Turned out I was too tired to read the manual as well since it seemed to say "Blah blah etc audio wharrgarble output rhubarb rhubarb monitor gobblygook effects blah blah."

Not an auspicious start. But tonight I'll have another go and it will go swimmingly because I won't have to precede it with several hours of download/install loops. And it IS shiny!

Then I went and read some James Herriot. Because James Herriot makes everything better.

In other news, the government recently reduced funding to industry training by $55 million. This is one of the reasons I'm unimpressed with the deal that's been struck with Warner Brothers re: The Hobbit. I fail to grasp how this deal is anything other than using a convenient excuse to relax employment laws in favour of big business, and the 'industry support' argument falls over in the face of the cuts to other industries in this country that are happening at the same time. As someone on Twitter put it - what other PM would get away with reducing worker rights and giving tax breaks to large offshore corporations, and get applauded for it?

I am not clapping.
Tags: dj trainwreck, intstalling mah own software lalala, ohai i am a socialist
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