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This morning I got an email from Abe Books, informing me that they are shipping free to Australia! To which I went "That's nice" *delete*. I have bought one book through Abe Books and I'm pretty sure I had it sent to New Zealand - at least, it got here so I'm assuming I got my own address right. But now, apparently they think I'm in Australia. Yes, Abe Books is a US-based company, why do you ask?

Burning Man did this to me once too. Weirdly, that was snail mail and it still got here even though it was addressed to me at my address, only in Australia. I guess the Aussie post service is used to that sort of thing.

*looks pointedly at american companies*


Meet Foucault (pronounced FUCK-olt). He appeared after a lovely dinner with The Usual Suspects* in which I was trying very hard not to be *moop* and to engage in conversation and stuff. He is fuzzy and soft and while he's not Joel, he does have JAZZ HANDS! And a belly button that you can stick your finger in. At first I thought it was a fault but it turns out it's deliberate. O.o I was kind of overwhelmed because my friends gave me a fuzzy leopard with blue spots and a belly button cos they knew I was a bit down. Aww!

So, the menagerie of cuddly toys on my bed now totals 6 - none of which I've bought for myself:

Cuddles - baby seal hot water bottle given to me by The Kid when he was 8.
Descartes (dess-car-tees) - pink fuzzy snake, also from The Kid aged about 12. Descartes was the first mispronounced philosopher.
Platto - round fuzzy sheep from my icon, from Dr Wheel last Christmas.
Aristophanes (aristo-faynes) - sheep hot water bottle from The Kid this mother's day.
Archimedes (archie-meads) - another sheep like Platto, from Joel's Mum after my Mum died.
And now, Foucault.

Yes there is still room for me in my bed. Just.

In other shiny things news, here is my new rope light. Yes, I got sucked in by the 1-day thing and bought one. I would have bought 2 if I had enough money because SHINY! I have no idea what I'll do with it, but my collection of lights and shinies is growing - I guess I'm becoming Decor Lady..

And less visibly shiny but quite exciting for me, two things: first, I found a ticket to Hong Kong for about $1400. This is partly because I still have the ticket from when I didn't go to Australia earlier this year, and flights out of Brisbane are a bit cheaper than out of Wellington. So I applied for my leave and as long as that's all good, I'll buy my ticket this week. It makes me feel like I'm doing something, which makes me feel better.

The other thing is that the people at Dr Wheel's end have asked for a copy of my CV. Not because they have anything particular available but I guess they want some idea of what my skills etc are. So I'll be updating that over the next few days. I've also approached my old manager for a reference and I'm about to approach my current one. I know lots of people are cagey about letting their bosses know they're looking for work elsewhere, but my manager's been in the loop on what's going on with me (can't help myself, upfront is my default mode) and since his wife's currently in Rarotonga, he has some sympathy for my position and is all for me expanding my boundaries. This is the same guy that said I could take a sabbatical to explore my options in HK if I wanted.

So yeah, I'll send that off and then I'll be one step closer to finding out if it's actually feasible for me to relocate my wee family to Somewhere Else Entirely. Funny, prior to Dr Wheel leaving, I was all "I don't fucking know!" every time I thought about it. But for the last few days, the hardships have seemed less insurmountable and I've realised that there's nothing wrong with selling the house and bunging that money in the bank as a buffer for a few years while I do that thing everyone else did in their 20s, and still have it there to set up home when I get back.

Right? Right?

It all hinges on me getting a job, but knowing other people out there are backing me really helps with the insecurity. I'm almost afraid to be excited but .. I have to know.

* rivet, rikan_feral, tieke, pombagira, happyinmotion.

Meanwhile, today I'll be made known to the Criminology department. I am both excited and afraid. Mostly excited, because only good things can come of them knowing who I am, right?

Also, I cut my nails for the second time. This time it's a bit more even. One day this will not be novelty enough for me to blog about. And today, I'm buying one of these. Because I can.
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