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Hump day

Wow, I sure woke up with my crankypants on this morning. I decided to put my Unreasonable Hat on when dealing with Mercury Energy and it made me feel good.

Backstory: They failed to send bills for the three months since Mum died, but then they sent a threatening letter over unpaid bills. After 45 minutes on hold I told my story to the CS representative who then put me on hold again. I gave up and emailed them. This morning I got an email back saying they'd waived the overdue charges, saving me a total of $8, but that the bill needed to be paid immediately (the bills were attached to the email). They also claimed that they'd sent out the bills for the three months in question.

"Thanks for your reply. I will pay the invoice when I receive a bill in the mail.

I have not received any invoices from Mercury energy in the time since Mum died. If your records show them having been mailed, your records are wrong. This is evidenced by the fact that the threatening letter I received made it to my address just fine so there is no problem with the post, yet - no actual bills. I realise that she had a direct debit set up and I suspect the mistake has happened when the debit was cancelled but nothing was put in the system to ensure an actual paper copy would be mailed out.

I want reassurance that in future, the bills actually will be mailed. I expect one to arrive monthly. In the interest of making sure this will happen, I undertake to pay the bill once there's a demonstration to me that future paper copies will get to me, evidenced by the copies of bills for July, August and September arriving in my mailbox. Emailing copies to me after the fact is not good enough. Please mail these bills immediately."

Normally I'd just take the emailed bills and pay them. This would be the reasonable thing to do. But for some reason, I don't want to be reasonable about this. They fucked up and it caused me upset at a time when I really don't need it, and they can bloody well show me they are going to get it right in future before I give them any money.


Meanwhile, the IRD has had a letter letting them know that I won't be paying their $900 until I see some money being retrieved on the back amount owing for Child Support, I've told the IT department that I'm not psychic and that firing random numbers at me and expecting me to provide information about the stuff attached to these numbers (which, it turns out, have nothing to do with anything under my jurisdiction anyway) will achieve nothing except to piss me off, and suggested that the Art Grants Team deny any further requests for extensions since the deadline for contacting us was 5 days ago*.

Hi, I'm grumpy. Plz2b sending me Happies, it seems like I need them.

* We received complaints last year that the notifications for grants were given out too late to be useful to some people. This year, the notifications are going to be later still. This is because our closing dates for applications were later and we allowed extensions (and about half of the applications so far have been people asking for extensions). Given that it takes about 2 weeks to assess the applications and make decisions, this pushes the notification date back too. So to allow people to ignore the deadlines and go for extensions after submissions close, disadvantages everyone else who actually got their shit together in time. Next year we're gonna have to move things at least two weeks earlier I think. Oh noes! However with the procrastinator burner community cope? Well I guess they could use the 7 months between the burn and the deadline to sort their application out instead of the 2 weeks between the deadline and the extension deadline. *mutter*

Twitter seems to have sensed my mood and is hiding from me. Probably a good call on Twitter's part.

Entertain me, internet!
Tags: being unreasonable for fun and profit, grumpy pants, impotent railing
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