tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Cops with guns? *eek*

I finished the blanket!

There's another project in the pipeline (isn't there always?). But I'm glad this is done. The tassels are made from wool I spun and the rest is from wool Mum spun.

Meanwhile, this morning I spent a total of 45 minutes on hold to Mercury Energy, trying to get hold of someone and ask them why they aren't capable of sending the bills for Mum's house to me the way I asked, but have managed to send a threatening overdue notice to the same address, with Mum's name on it. After talking to one guy briefly, he then put me back on hold so I gave up and sent them an email instead.

As you can imagine I worked up quite a head of steam while sitting there, which inspired me to start that letter to Inland Revenue. You know the one telling them that if they'd like that $900 I ended up owing them through their mistakes, they should retrieve it from The Kid's Dad, who currently owes me $6182.

Yes, it made me feel better, why do you ask? It's called transference.

On the upside, yesterday I wrote 1300 words about the advantages and disadvantages of home visitation programmes in promoting child welfare, without really even trying. Since the essay itself is supposed to be 1500 words, it's reassuring to know I can probably coast this one in. This week my focus is elsewhere since Dr Wheel flies out next Monday, so not spending hours agonising over an essay sounds good to me.

And then I'm going to tackle the Pile O Boxes that's sitting behind the couch. This is the last of the stuff from Mum's, and it's mostly photographs and papers. I have to decide what to keep for posterity, what to donate to archives and what to chuck. I've been putting it off because it'll be hard, but looking at the boxes all the time is frustrating - my magic powers don't stretch to making them disappear without me actually doing anything unfortunately.

And shearing starts on Saturday. This might explain the sudden run of wet weather we've had, eh?

Also, the editorial in some paper this morning informs me that the Police Association wants cops to have guns. I don't have much of a logical argument against it because I haven't thought much about it, but my gut feeling says "Noooooooooooo!"
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