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Resigning, electing, dancing, more resignation

Seems Paul Henry has resigned from TVNZ after meeting with their CEO yesterday. John Key claims the government put no pressure on him. Incidentally, that last article contains opinions from various people about the motivations, pressures and politics around the resignation. Interesting reading.

The resignation itself talks about 'an extraordinary convergence of circumstances' - I think by that he means that when people complained and TVNZ defended him by trying to imply that we all think in the same terms as what he said, more people complained and then because of the internet, the people he was disparaging found out about it.

That isn't extraordinary, that's life in the internet age, Paul. You want to talk shit on national television, you have to expect people will talk about it on the internet and you will be called on said shit.

Anyway, I have some sympathy for the comment about being a lightning rod for racial tensions, and staking out his mother is a pretty abhorrent thing for tabloid reporters to do. But that's about as far as it goes. I'm glad he's done. And should he resurface in the future, with any luck he will have learned something.

Wellington's mayoral election is 40 votes apart after the first count. Incumbent Kerry is 40 votes ahead of chaser Celia. Jack came in a creditable third (go Jack!), which is pretty good for someone relatively unknown. It also demonstrates that the geek vote is a substantial portion of Wellington's voting public. But he was still something like 13,000 votes behind the two leaders. ;-/

Anyway, the special votes have still to be counted, and analysts are predicting that these votes are likely to bring a new mayor with them. Which would be nice. Celia wasn't my first choice, mostly because I fear more of the same, but the first thought in my mind for mayor was "Anybody but Kerry!"

Why? Because I've lived in this town for coming up nine years, and she's been mayor the whole time. In that time, I've seen the coucil going from Yay They Do Stuff to We Do Stuff But We Don't Listen To You. Manners Mall bus lane went ahead against public disagreement. And so far, it's a bloody nightmare as a pedestrian. Removal of traffic islands in the Taranaki St intersection? Affects me directly, is a PITA and so far has not made anything safer. I could go on (Rugby World Cup vs Cuba St Carnival and community group websites, anyone?) but you get the idea. I'm tired of a council that thinks it can just do whatever it wants with the money we pay, and ignore public opinion. Supporting business is fine, but not when that trumps every other community voice. etc.

If Kerry does get back in, my inner idealist hopes this close call has put the wind up her enough so she realises just how many people she's turned off. Yes, I know it's not just her but as mayor she gets to take the flak for decisions made by council. Suck it up, Kerry. I hope she learns something from this.

If Celia gets in, I hope she learns something from what Kerry has done well, and also from what she hasn't.

And I guess we get free wireless now?

Saturday night was way fun. We told the weather to fuck off and it did, so it was dancing under the stars. Filthy Tomo piked which meant rikan_feral got to play a 2-hour set and it was epic. SRSLY, watching the dancefloor slowly pack out and having people come up to me going "Who is that guy? He is playing awesome music I love it!" was pretty damn cool. And one of the great things - it wasn't our party. This meant that we got to rock up at 10pm, hang out, have our fun and when the next dj came on and the music lost its energy, we could leave. No setup or packdown for us. You wouldn't believe how nice this feels when the majority of the parties I've been to in the last three years, I've been carrying speakers and sorting decor for hours before and after. I actually had the energy for a good dance and that was nice. Full credit to the guys who did it, that was awesome. And that Marshall Law guy? U NO CAN HAS. HE IZ OURZ! *sticks out tongue*

And yesterday I made a slide about home visitation programmes while in bed with Dr Wheel and a coffee, and that was a slice of normality I've missed as well. Sadly, I don't get to say U NO CAN HAZ to Hong Kong about him. It's now 2 weeks till he goes. I'm planning a trip for January, and I may as well warn you now, this might mean that I miss Kiwiburn. I'm not completely sure yet, but priorities, people. Also, JetPilot will be playing at the Asia Consciousness Festival. Sadly, this is in Hong Kong too.

Someone please invent me a teleport machine.
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