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Can't we give him to Australia like Russell Crowe?

I'm sure most Kiwis have heard the latest in the Paul Henry Is A Cock saga, and are probably heartily sick of it by now. For those of you not in NZ but following along at home, more of his racist bullshit has been uncovered. WARNING: this article links to a video, the video is pretty awful and I don't really think it should be acknowledged by watching it but I couldn't find any good articles that don't have the video attached.

So what does the video contain? It's Paul Henry, having a giggling fit over the Chief Minister of Delhi, Sheila Dikshit's, name. The name is pronounced Dixit. Henry, despite being told this, continues to mispronounce it, while laughing uproariously and saying things like "It's because she's Indian, don't you see?"

The man he's interviewing in the video repeatedly corrects him, getting more visibly angry. His co-host at one point tells him to stop and also corrects him but it's obvious that neither of these people have the power to shut him up. And none of the crew filming it, the director of the show, or anyone actually shuts him down.

The video was displayed on the TVNZ website until yesterday, when Stuff ran an article about it and it was immediately taken down. However, it's now gone viral and can be seen pretty much anywhere.

Other information that has come to light - it seems Henry gets paid around $4000 a week of taxpayer money to spout this crap, since TVNZ is the state-owned television station. Now, I don't like using the MAH TAX DOLLAHS argument, but if there's any time it should be used, it's now. That means that I pay 1/10 of a cent a day for this, and that is more than he's worth IMO.

So, my questions: Why has this person been allowed to get away with this for so long? Why did the people involved in the filming of this video not stop him? Why did TVNZ display this video on their website? Why does Henry still have a job? Why has our government not come and laid the smackdown on Henry and on TVNZ for this? He is an embarrassment to our country and he should not be paid by the state to spread his bigotry through a national platform.

Now, most of you are aware that there's been an ongoing Kiwi/American race discussion argument in certain circles lately. I still hold that people in the US have no clue about the way race issues work here and they should shut the fuck up when Kiwis talk about it. The places are very different and ignoring statements from people who live here in favour of imposing your own view amounts to sticking your head up your own arse. *cough* However, something about this Paul Henry business reminded me of something the US has all over New Zealand in terms of dealing with racist statements made on TV - the willingess to stand up and go "Oi, that is wrong, STFU!" instead of being too damn chickenshit polite/reserved/afraid to rock the boat to actually stand up for what you believe in. Observe Star Jones showing us how it's done:

Yep, that video's long, but 8 minutes of your life is worth it to learn something about how Paul Henry should have been dealt with a long time ago.

Anyway, if you think that what's being done isn't enough, have some links:

Petition to sack Paul Henry. Last I checked it was up to 379 out of 500 required signatures. It would be cool to see it go over 1,000. You can sign this petition even if you don't live in NZ.

TVNZ formal complaints page. They deserve an arse-kicking for enabling this behaviour and glorifying it.

John Key needs to know how disgusted New Zealanders are with his spineless lack of action on this.

OK, done with that now.

Last night we watched Boy. Yes, it was funny, but it was funny in that very Kiwi way that tears your heart open at the same time. I had a hard time with some of it because some of the scenes cut really close to where I've come from, and I recognised some people I know in the movie (not actually know, in the archetypes). I'm hesitating to say too much here because I know lots of people won't have seen it yet and I dont' want to do spoilers. Overall, I'd recommend it as a movie, although I'm not sure if it would have appeal outside New Zealand. The scene as the credits roll is pretty awesome too.

And I added about half the tassels to the memorial blanket. It'll be finished pretty soon. Then what?
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