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Animals, coordination and the lack thereof

It appears that my top and bottom half belong to two different people. My camels and penguins are doing nicely, but my butterflies are shaky and my birds have a floppy left wing. I assume the situation will improve with practice.

At the moment I'm watching Quidam by Cirque du Soleil. I hear they're coming back to New Zealand next year. It looks like they're only going to Auckland, but I am so there. Tickets go on sale on Monday.. *drools*

Holy crap, I just saw a woman do a one-armed handstand!

In other news, another fish and chip shop. I had to resort to work colleagues for the taste test, and the results are a combination of their comments:

Athena Takeaway, Onepu Road, Lyall Bay

Cost: $3.80
Fish: Shark, but fresh and nicely cooked. OK batter
Chips: Nice if you like lots of crunchy ones. A little greasy
Comment: Could do with a glass of red wine afterwards
Cooked in: Fat
Rating: 7/10

Snail mail from overseas made my day today, *beam* And I'm gonna buy a feather duvet. It's another of those things every woman should have, especially when there's snow on the Tararuas.
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