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October = spring. WHEE!

Billboard spotted this morning on Aotea Quay:

ANZ - we live in your world

I don't think I really even need to go into the things that are wrong with that statement. Suffice to say that I might not be the "ordinary garden variety Kiwi" that the billboard is designed to bring a wry smile to. And it scares me how many people might turn out to be ordinary garden variety Kiwis, and actually relate to this.

Also, -10 originality to the campaign designers for basically copying the Tui concept.

Hey look! It's sunny! And it's been like that for three countem three whole days! Over the weekend! Extra exclamation marks!!!!


This weekend was normal. You wouldn't believe how happy it makes me to be able to say that. I did normal things in a normal way, with no externally imposed extra duties, and it felt good. With the exception of the odd one here and there, this is the first for the last year or so that's felt that way - and the best bit is that it's likely to continue now. There will still be things like essays and whatnot to do, but the lessening of pressure is tangible. I feel rested and I did whatever I wanted and OMG YAY!

Things wot I did:

- The sheep. Happy to report no deaths, they all look good and it was actually pleasant up there. Check this out:

- Helped with Jez and Andrea's house which is almost finished (I can say that because I'm not waiting with bated breath to move in - but srsly folks, it has walls, internal linings, windows and allsorts). This involved some painting, an abortive attempt at gibstopping, oiling some scribers with the stuff that smells like sheep dip, and climbing ladders to hold the spirit level while the builder put the doorframe into the workshop. Plz don't blame me if the door isn't perfect because, umm.. actually I have no excuse. Looks pretty level to me. Also, I learned from Coast FM (on the radio on site) that I should keep away from Runaround Sue, that if I dance to the guy's ten guitars pretty soon I'll know just where I am, and that all the boys pass Georgie Girl by because she just doesn't try. Or it could be the clothes she wears. *cough*

- Came up with the Relativity of Earworms:


Where E = the duration and intensity (energy) of the earworm, t = They Might Be Giants, and a = any song ever made. Also, who the hell let them get a hold of Istanbul Not Constantinople because Holy Fuck that song's earwormy enough without their special talents being added to it.

- Had a friendly dinner with some of my favourite people. Did not automatically turn down the invitiation in order to save energy. It was awesome.

- Lazed around in bed reading Asterix books while Dr Wheel killed zombies by whacking them with chairs. It's been nearly two years and I haven't reached the end of his Asterix collection yet. *beam*

- Washed and polished my car, inside and out. Also, remembered to check the oil. It's a bit low but given I didn't check it when I got the car, I've no idea if it's gone down or not. It'll probably take just under half a litre, and the oil that's in there is still pretty clean. Patted myself on the back for finally cracking my Car Is A Tip habit of not doing motor vehicle maintenance in an ongoing way.

- Watched UTU while knitting. This movie was controversial when it came out but I can't for the life of me remember why. I know there's been a lot of misunderstanding around the concept of utu - it's one of those words that doesn't really have a definitive English translation - but I don't think that was what the controversy was about. Anyway, I thought it was a pretty good movie - a bit disjointed and sometimes hard to follow, but I really liked the way it portrayed the conflicting loyalties faced by individuals when two friendly groups are forced into an enemy situation. And unlike some of the critical reviewers I read, I liked the way the ending was dealt with - without that exploration of ethics it would have been just another Western based in New Zealand. Also, Bruno Lawrence does nuts really well. I had the usual issue I get with Kiwi movies where they kept moving around the country - first they're in Northland bush, then they're on the Central Plateau in tussocks, the papa cliffs of the King Country/Rangitikei are definitely in there, and I'm pretty sure some of it's in the South Island - which creates some cognitive dissonance for me, but I guess you can't have everything, eh? I recommend it, even though it's violent and dated.

- There are only 10 rows left to knit on my blanket. I thought I'd run out of wool before I ran out of pattern but not so. Nearly finished squee!

- Found this:

See anything wrong with that world map? Yeah, that's right, we're not on it. Along with Alaska, part of Russia, all of the South Pacific below Fiji, a lot of South America, and much of Africa. This map is from the Scientific American (which, incidentally, is an interesting read and has some cool articles in it). Yeah, you could say it's the angle of the graphic that makes it impossible to fit the whole world in, but I'd ask why it's necessary to angle it like that. It certainly gives a good graphic display of whose opinions on climate change are considered to be important.

Sorry Happy, your work is invalid. We don't exist.

- Finally, it's been a week since I sent my complaint to the mods of ontd_feminism, and there has been nothing back, not even acknowledgement that a complaint was made - this despite other Kiwis also emailing them, and comments being made in the post itself to show where they misunderstood what was happening and jumped the gun. So that bit where they told us they were approachable and responsive? Seems that only applies if they think you're right, or if you're from somewhere that actually counts. Otherwise, much like the map above, your insignificance means it's ok to ignore you. Which is ironic given the context of the complaint. Oh well, chalk that one up, make a note of who did it, and remember for the future.

Wow, that was a lot in one post.

How was your weekend?
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