tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Dear IRD, WTF, kthxbye

I got another letter yesterday. If you remember, last week's one had The Kid's Dad paying an extra $230 a month for last year, and then it dropping to $67 a month total this year?

And how I was reassured that this was accurate based on a tax return?

Yesterday's one says this:

April - June this year $732 a month
June this year to March next year $504 a month.

So, um, it's gone back up to higher than it was before they started this round of adjustments. And I guess I won't be asked to pay that $360 any more, because instead, he now owes me another $230.

Or, at least this week he does. I suppose I should be happy. Mostly I'm just giving this letter the side-eye.

This instalment of "IRD Has Teh Dumb" brought to you by I for inconsistency, M for mistakes and WTF for What The Fuck.

I'll be at Fidels tonight, having a coffee now that I can apparently afford one. At least, in the abstract I can. I think I'm now owed about $7000 of imaginary money. But that could change at any moment, for any (or no) reason.

Tags: ird have the dumb, wtf once more, yay rich (i think) - or not
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