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Tats gets inordinately excited about bloodsports

This weekend is going to be a HOLIDAY! One in which I go with friends to a place where I can't clean, sort, write essays or make things, and we just hang out and have fun. And that place is my old stomping ground over on the east coast of the Wairarapa.

Which also has a multitude of river mouths opening onto surf beaches. And it's whitebait season.


Not to be mistaken for Kawaii, although some misguided folks pronounce it the same. In Maori, though, you pronounce ALL the syllables*.

So, KA-HA-WAI. Kaha means 'strong', wai means 'water' - Strong In The Water, or, Strong Swimmer. And they are. Pound for pound, they are the best fighting fish in the sea, and they lurk in the surf and nom the whitebait as they go up the rivermouths.

For those of you furriners who have no idea what I'm on about, here's what whitebaiting's all about. Personally, I've never understood the obsession with whitebait, which you kind of sieve out of the water in a static net (a very staid sort of pastime), then moosh up and turn into fritters. Not when there are big, exciting, fun fish to catch, that taste good and can actually by filleted and made into grown-up food, lurking just beyond the river mouth.

Here's a picture of one:

I don't know that guy but you never know, he might be related to one of you.. Anyway, as you can see kahawai are not huge, but they are predatorial and fast-moving, and this means you can catch them on spinning gear - a small shiny lure that you cast out and reel back in, that imitates a sick whitebait, which they chase and grab. Also, two of them would help make a nice meal for about 6 people. We have about 6 people. So I'm going to attempt to catch some.

Just FYI, yes I know some folks disapprove of fishing. To which I say, Kiss My Ass. I plan to eat what I catch (if anything), and the first person to tell me I can't go get my own food can STFU and go live on tofu for the rest of their lives.


So anyway, to that end, I bought a new reel. My old one had had a hammering and had finally crapped out. Check out this baby:

SHINY!!!! (and red)

Anyway, it's an Okuma Flame, has lots of bearings and even a bearing line guide (this is new tech since last I bought a reel), and the guy spooled it with 2.7kg nylon for me, and talked me into a new kind of lure to add to my old faithfuls.

The 2.7kg thing leads to the only ethical dilemma I have about fishing. You see, the lighter the nylon breaking strain, the better chance the fish has of getting away, which most people think is sporting and therefore a good thing. But when you're lure fishing, that means the fish gets away with a lure attached to its face. I don't buy stainless hooks, and the size hook I use will rust out within a couple of days, but that means said fish will be swimming around with a lure hanging off its face for a couple of days, and probably won't be able to feed in that time. The alternative is to use heavy nylon which means you are guaranteed your fish once it's hooked, but you skulldrag it to the shore and there's no sport. 2.7kg is a nice balance, since most kahawai weigh about that, so they'd have to be extra strong to break it, but you still have to be careful and can get some sport out of it.

Yes, I like sport fishing. Bite me.

Anyway, I have a shiny new reel wot is shiny, and some shiny lures, a bag and a knife and I'm going to Castlepoint in whitebait season. No smelly-bait fishing for me. Hopefully some fish for me. But because I'm an old hand at this fishing game, I will also take food because if there's one thing guaranteed to make sure you catch no fish, it's acting as though catching fish is guaranteed.

Also, *squeesqueesquee*


I was going to talk about the latest round of craziness with IRD today, but fishing is more interesting (to me, anyway). The upshot is that .. ah, never mind. Another day.

* This is kind of like cleaning ALL the things, or you'd think so, judging by the number of people who can't be arsed attempting to speak Maori words properly. Which is a whole nother rant. *cough* Maori is a beautiful language. Most people thoughtlessly bastardise it into something ugly.
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