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I think I should get extra marks for coming in at 1992 words. It ended up being about the way the New Zealand government shaped the definition of family without ever specifically creating 'family policy', and how ex-nuptial births have been treated in policy, particularly with regard to the regulation of the sexual behaviour of women through this 'not-family' law. Thus, the falsehood of the dichotomy between the public sphere and the private sphere in ideology.

Teenage pregnancy gets a mention, after being held under the guillotine for a while last night as the DPB looked more tempting but then turned out to be too hard to articulate. So sorry, syn_abounds, it's not actually about teenage pregnancy any more.

And it goes lame at full gallop and kind of stops suddenly. But it'll pass, which (I keep reminding myself) is good enough.

Interesting factoid: According to one study in 1924, 77% of firstborn children were conceived out of wedlock. A repeat of the study in 1971 showed that 80% of firstborn children were conceived out of wedlock. This is me going "So folks like sex and will have it regardless of the legal and social consequences, huh? Stop press!"

Next I have to do a research poster. Macaroni art and glitter would make any poster better, right?
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