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I will run out of old stuff to waffle about soon, I promise

Gregg's spoons. We has them.

"WTF" say all the people under 25 and everyone who doesn't live in New Zealand.

They are teaspoons that were given away with jars of Gregg's coffee some time in the 1980s (?) to commemorate the 21st anniversary of .. well, I don't know. I would have thought it'd be the 21st anniversary of, you know, making coffee. But apparently Gregg's has been around since forever. At least in New Zealand terms it has.

So anyway, to anyone who grew up around that time, Gregg's spoons are kind of iconic. Unless their parents were folks riding the crest of the Glorious Wave Of Neoliberal Freemarket Extravagance, in which case they probably didn't have instant coffee in their house. But we did. And the spoons looked like this:

(second from right)

There are only 5 left of the about 15 we used to have, and now they're in our drawer. And to all you companies that give away pictures of Unrecognisable All-Black Du Jour - take a leaf out of Gregg's book and get some class. I don't even like their coffee but they get points for the best, most lasting giveaway ever - and one that has become Kiwiana.

Also, my Dad kept several sets of the little toys and cards from Ricies and Weetbix packets. Some of those are also very un-PC, like the set of 12 asian miniature figurines in traditional dress. All in tasteful cream plastic. *cough*

I may have bought a sheep postcard online last night. Call the four horsemen, the end is nigh, etc etc. And the guy from the NZ Postcard Society (yes there is one) is coming through Wellington on the way to the NZ Postcard Convention (yes, there's one of those too) in September, and is going to have a look at my grandmother's collection. Apparently it's quite the science, this assessment of postcards.

Anyway, I've been collecting cards for a while, they have been in a pile in my drawer. Apparently I'm supposed to have ALBUMS. And a THEME. And what better theme but sheep? clashfan totally gets points for sending me a sheep postcard from Ireland out of the blue - but now I seek more.

So, if you love me, or even if you don't and just want me to shut up about it, please send me a postcard with sheep on it. I will be forever grateful. Email for address if you're keen, and write on the postcard what you'd like me to send back to you.

Last night I made the centrepiece wallhanging for the chillspace at tonight's Speed of Sound. I am quite proud of it, mostly because I only ended up having to sellotape ONE of the holes back in. Also, it's retro. And considering how sore my shoulder is this morning from holding the ruler, it had better bloody well work.

There may be photos. If it doesn't work, there'll be photos of me burning it in the street.

And I do hope to make it to Fidels, but first I have to hang the hanging at Maya. This may take a while and if I'm all sooty when I get there, you know not to ask how well it worked.

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