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It seems Ngaio Gorge is falling down. I hope it's not the bit where grist lives.

Anyway, last night I buffed my nails. "WTF" I hear you say, "Since when did you have nails, Tats?" Well, since Mum died. I don't know what the connection is but I haven't bitten my nails since then, and on Sunday I found a nail care kit so I thought I'd have a go at actually taking care of them. It was... interesting, and felt weird to be spending so much time on something so small and kind of irrelevant. I can't tell that they're any shinier but the edges are smoother - and catchy edges is what triggers the biting, so it might help me to maintain the not-biting habit.

Me: "Hey, I did a girly thing! Don't tell anyone, mmk?"
Him: "I know - I was trying to act normal.."

Also, the last of the jewellery type TradeMe listings went up last night. That was hard. I feel like I'm selling Mum's treasures. I have kept a couple and I definitely can't keep it all, but.. I know I don't love them like she did and that makes me feel like a heel. ;-/

SPeed of Sound on Friday! YAY!
Tags: nails i has them
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