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Pieces of eight

Hi I'm Tats and I didn't look at LJ all weekend. So if something happened that I should know about, please tell me.

Yes, a pirate. Well, at least, there was treasure. There may even have been dubloons. SRSLY.

On Saturday, with the help of the lovely pombagira, I tackled the craft room. In the craft room, as expected, was craft stuff. SO.MUCH.CRAFT.STUFF. In my lifetime, I can remember my Mum tackling:

copper tooling
leather carving
basket weaving
bone carving
jewellery making
felt making
plain embroidery
hardanger embroidery
stump work
gold work
card making

I think that's it, off the top of my head. In the craft room was all the equipment related to these pursuits. I found two old knitting machines, in working order. I found cardmaking stuff out the wazoo. There are three piles - Things Mum Made, patterns for Things Mum Made, and stuff used to make Things Mum Made.

Today, I'll be calling the embroiderer's guild and the spinners and weavers society to see if they have a use for screeds and screeds of patterns. If they don't want them I guess I'll be selling them. Probably the same with most of the craft stuff, that we aren't keeping cos our house is kind of crafty too.

Anyway, also in the craft room is the family treasure. This wee trove includes my grandmother's postcard and stamp collections, some china/porcelain, various old bits and bobs, and my Dad's coin collection. DUBLOONS!

*jingle jingle*

The dubloons are even in a leather coin pouch like the ones you see on the movies. There are about thirty of them, all different denominations and countries and ages. Of the ones you can read the date on, the oldest is 1752 (a shilling I think). There's a Kennedy half dollar (can't tell if it's the hair one or not because I don't know what the difference is), an 1807 penny, and an 1895 Kruger South African shilling. The stupid thing about that SA shilling is that it would be worth FREAKING HEAPS (like, in the thousands) based on its condition - only someone has punched a hole in it and put a ring through to make it into a pendant. *sigh*

Anyway, coins are cool. Also, there's one with Napoleon written on the edge but I can't make out much else. Dad was a salvage diver, see, and a lot of these coins came from shipwrecks. Some of them you can't read anything on, others have a tantalising outline that says there's something there but you can't tell what. Holding something that old in my hand gives me a strange feeling..

At some point I'll have a valuer come and look at the whole lot - stamp albums are weird, that one's been sitting doing nothing for thirty years, and it may well sit for another thirty years - the longer these things just sit the more they tend to be worth, and such things may end up being kept rather than sold to continue to accrue value. But yeah. I feel like a pirate with my little box of family treasure to go through and find stuff out about.

Meanwhile, someone asked me to post my TradeMe listings.

In other news, Platto now has a friend, thanks to Joel's Mum:

Archie. Archie Meads. I understand that most people think all sheep look the same, but actually I can tell them apart. Platto (on the left) has a rakish three strands of wool flopping over his left eye, and Archie (on the right) has hairy ears and is more portly.

Trufax. I has a flock.

Ninja? What ninja? I didn't see any ninjas...

[edit] I have splinter haemorrhages under my fingernails. Apparently one of the things this is a symptom of is Vitamin C deficiency. This means I'm potentially a scurvy knave. ARRR!
Tags: dubloons, sorting sorting sorting, treasure!
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