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So. Abba. As a result of this morning's pillow talk I bring you the history of ABBA. They are actually not like Nirvana at all, other than being insanely popular in their time. And there being quite a lot of blonde hair involved. I'm not sure who dressed worse...

It seems 'Sappy' by Nirvana is about someone living in a jar in a laundry room and thinking they're happy. It does not contain the words 'sappy', 'crappy', 'nappy' or indeed, 'fappy'.

I am disappoint.

In other news, I resigned from the Art Grants Committee for Kiwiburn. While I was busy with Mum and not watching the forums, a bunch of decisions were made by the Kiwiburn excom (not the AGC) regarding how the AGC will operate. As chair of the AGC I am unhappy that this took place without my knowledge, consultation or input. In addition, the new rules of operation actively reverse decisions previously made by the AGC and limit its autonomy to the point where we would not get to make any real decisions about the direction of art at Kiwiburn, and the AGC would exist merely as a vehicle to do the donkey work associated with allocating art grants.

Because of this, I feel that I cannot sit on the committee with any integrity - the vision of the Kiwiburn excom and mine are too different. Therefore I have bowed out gracefully.

It's a shame, art was my passion for Kiwiburn and I was looking forward to spending time with artists and getting excited about their creations. However, I'm sure the excom will find someone who has a more favourable attitude to the new rules, and the art grants side of things will continue to run smoothly. Meanwhile, I can think about what my contribution to Kiwiburn should be in future.

I admit I've lost a lot of interest in Kiwiburn since this year's festival. The division among the various crews, particularly the growing stratification between participants and 'crew', disquiets me. Actually, it pisses me off. I would like to give KB a go as a participant only, but to be honest if it keeps going the way I see it going it's going to lose its uniqueness, and then I'll lose interest completely. Which would be a shame. A lot of the folks who were there at the start are no longer involved for various reasons. Things should change as they grow, but I'm not sure the changes can happen without also losing the things that made it special.

For all our sakes, I hope they can.

Anyway, enough about that.

Last night, the lovely tyellas came with her Cylon mask and inspected the family jewels (this might explain why The Kid spent the evening hiding in his room). I now have much more of an idea of what's there, what I should take to a jeweller, what I should list on TradeMe etc. I've also learned how to identify real pearls, that the weird bracelet was actually a fob (which is very steampunk looking apparently), and I have a little pile of 'potentially to keep' to go through and make some decisions on for the small box of keepsakes.

I'm not a big jewellery wearer and nor is grist so anything we keep should either have sentimental value (lockets), heirloom value or potential future monetary value. Luckily, jewellery is small. The rest will be sold in a variety of places - Dunbar Sloane, Ziggurat, and TradeMe. If anyone has any interest in seeing links when I list the stuff on TradeMe, please let me know. Mum had good taste and had quite a lot of costume, art deco, and crystal jewellery.

Tonight I'm gonna go hang out at Fidels and be all relaxed and stuff. This week's been very full. Tomorrow begins the going through boxes stage of sorting Mum's house. I'm feeling some trepidation as to what I might find - I'm learning a lot about my parents through this exercise and the tears come easily. Furniture and books weren't so tough, but this is trinkets, albums and papers. *meep*

Also, David Nutt was awesome. His talk was accessible, humourous and eminently sensible. It gave me a lot of confidence in my own place in the drugs policy debate, to realise that I didn't actually learn anything new - I've read all the articles he referenced, including the ones he wrote. I'm familiar with all of his arguments and come question time, the only question I could think of that I didn't already know how he'd reply was "Did you make a submission on New Zealand's MoDA review?" I don't think he did because some of his knowledge of NZ drug law was a little sketchy.

But yes. I have seen the man speak. And now he's not in the ACMD, he can speak his mind. Which is sharp, acerbic and damaging to the reputation of politicians.
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