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Tats Folder Of Interesting Stuff comes into being

If you haven't read Hyperbole And A Half (yes I know there are like 2 of you left in the world who haven't), you should go have a look. It's funny. It's also where this icon comes from, from this post.

And it perfectly describes me, yesterday. SRSLY.

Actually, that's probably not a bad thing. My Mum had her shit together in terms of Tats' Number One Rule Of Life*. For me, I mostly have my shit together, but it's a kind of a work in progress, that can be marked by milestones.

There was the year I vowed never to live in a house that had junked out cars on the lawn.
There was the year I vowed to actually mow the lawn now that it was free of junked out cars.
There was the year I decided that 'junk room' was not an acceptable designation for part of my house and there would no longer be a room stacked to the brim with crap I don't use, I could actually suck it up and throw stuff out.

You get the idea.

Anyway, the latest thing has been to create Tats' Folder Of Important Bits Of Paper. All this TradeMe business has been greatly aided by the fact that my Mum kept all her bits of paper, together and organised, in an indexed folder. Thus, I've been able to find receipts, warranties and instruction books for everything. Even the Sportronic 6 from back in the 1970s. This has inspired me. I've been pretty good at keeping all the bits of paper, but previously they've been in That Drawer, which eventually gets so full you can't shove any more in it, and every time you open it things fly out at you, and finding the right bit of paper when you need it has been a bit of a mission.

The last few days have been about taking things out of desks, cabinets and whatnot and throwing them on the floor, then swapping the old furniture for new. Last night was picking up all the bits of paper and putting them back in the furniture. The perfect opportunity! So now I have an indexed file, and I feel accomplished.

Note here: The problem I have with indexing is that it all makes sense to me when I make one, then later when I refer to it, I'm like "Was that thing a contract or a warranty? Should I have put the receipt with the instruction book for if it breaks and I have to send it back?" etc. So my search time might not be reduced as much as I'd hoped..

However, I feel Efficient. And Organised. And like a grown-up. *puffs up chest*

And there's only one pile left on the floor, which contains stuff related to study - and I already have files (Tats' Folder Of Interesting Stuff and Tats' Folder Of Study Stuff That's Probably Relevant) prepared for the bits of that that are actually worth keeping! And a bookshelf to keep them on! And everything! Soon, our house will be all presentable again, and we have found Places for all the Stuff.

Folks, I am feeling very pleased with myself. In addition, I have owned my car for nearly two months, and it still isn't full of debris. It still smells like CLEAN. *is amazed*

* Keep Your Ass Covered.

So this year will henceforth be known as the year I made folders and started cleaning my car, on the milestones list.

Maybe by the time I retire, I'll have my shit together like Mum did.

Meanwhile, a question for the geeks. Seems The Kid is about to learn about good and bad things to click on the internet. He's found some Trojans (and yeah, my first thought was "Condoms WTF?" - mostly because he capitalised it in the email) on his computer, and needs to get rid of them. He couldn't install AVG because it seems XP64 is finicky about that sort of thing (he's had similar issues with drivers for various things too). We plan to get him set up with Win7 pretty soon, but meanwhile we need to get the trojans out.

Does anyone have suggestions for a good free trojan remover? I can google, but I'm ultra-paranoid and if I were making trojans, I'd be disguising them as trojan removers and offering them for free download, you know? So I thought I'd ask the experts. That's you, by the way. ;-)
Tags: file all the things, help please, mah organisation let me show you it
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