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Right then. Reggie Watts. He popped onto my radar after ferrouswheel linked to a video for Fuck Shit Stack on Twitter (worth watching, in my opinion dead funny):


I've run across this question a little since this business about gerunds (thanks Reggie) started making the rounds. I asked someone where their gerunds were at in a meeting the other day and they were like "What's a gerund?"

So in the interests of general knowledge improvement, and also of other people getting my in-jokes, and possibly of locating 5-year-old Will's gerunds, I will now explain some English grammar.

A gerund is a verbal that ends in -ing and functions as a noun. It's that simple.

Gerund identification in the field:

1. Look for the -ing.
2. Look at the rest of the sentence and see if the word could be replaced by a noun. Indicators could be 'my' preceding it, indicating ownership (ie, my dancing is really bad) - making the gerund function as the subject of the sentence - or it could be more complicated, in that the gerund is part of a phrase, with an actual noun as object (but a direct object of the gerund), and the whole phrase being the subject.

Got it?

Simple gerund phrase - This weekend I'm going to do some sewing. Sewing is the gerund. I could just as easily say "This weekend I'm going to do some cocaine and hookers", effectively replacing the gerund with nouns.

Complex gerund phrase - When I say that my dog really likes watching for the cat, 'watching' is the gerund, 'for' is the preposition, and 'the cat' is the direct object of the action expressed in the gerund, making 'looking for the cat' the subject of the sentence and a gerund phrase.

Interesting factoid: gerunds and gerund phrases almost never require punctuation.

Yes, I looked it up, why do you ask?

So, next time someone asks you where your gerunds are at, I suggest replying with something along the lines of "Acting as nouns in some of my sentences" or "I don't know, I hope you like hunting for them". And see if they get it.

In other news, I won't be at Fidels tonight because someone bought Mum's freezer and I have to go out there so they can collect it. In fact, most of my weekend will be spent out there with one thing and another. And we'll be in a bit of a muddle for a while after, as we rearrange furniture and Freecycle our old stuff.

I am contemplating the garage sale idea - we only have a carport but it'd be sheltered at least. Hmm..
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