tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Short note to myself

Dear Self,

Please pat yourself on the back for your ability to recognise inappropriate situations and thus refrain from calling someone out on their reference to 'hard' drug use in a community that exists to debate other issues.

Am I developing some self-control in my old age?

Go figure. I know the War On Drugs brigade would like you to think that everyone addicted to heroin is skinny, covered in abcesses, homeless and lying in a gutter somewhere shooting up while offering blowjobs to passers by or mugging little old ladies for their pin money. And there are definitely heroin addicts who live like that. But there are also heroin addicts who have steady jobs, eat nutritious meals, do not commit crimes other than the one created by the fact that heroin is illegal, contribute to society, care about their loved ones and are involved and competent parents.

But those people wouldn't make good anti-drug advertising so they don't put them on posters. And those people have a lot to lose by letting you know about their addiction, because you'll likely judge them based on the impression of heroin addicts that's sold to you on the same posters - so you likely don't know about their addiction.

I am not saying "Go out and get addicted to heroin, it will make you a good parent". That would be stupid. An addiction is expensive, risky and likely to bring about lying, stealing and manipulation - particularly of those with money. However, none of these behaviours automatically make you an incompetent parent. What makes for incompetent parenting is neglect, in my opinion. And while having an addiction may very well make it more difficult to avoid neglecting your children, again it doesn't make it impossible.

Equating 'heroin addict' with 'should not have children' is ignorant and false. Especially in a world where those lying, stealing, manipulative and potentially neglectful behaviours are also displayed by many a top businessperson or politician.

(that was me expressing here what I shall continue to refrain from expressing there)

Meanwhile, mah offspring has come up with the Mechdel Test, in which two men in a media thing have to talk to each other about something that isn't women or sport. I await the results with interest.

And the other thing he did was find this, which is a combination of weird and kind of cool:

Tags: small rant, weirdness initiated by my offspring
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