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Drills and zills

Drill was fun. It was my inaugural corset-wearing expedition, and I did not provide killifish with any excuses to call me a tard by fainting or such nonsense. There were lots of corsets and other interesting items of clothing, and Polly and I sat primly (no option really). I got told I gothed up pretty well. *beam* Gotta say though, I'm sadly out of practice for the whole 'being social in a loud pub' thing. Inept, maybe? Stuff it, I had fun anyway. And someone tried to kiss me (ooh!) And the floor show of two girls tied to the drum kit snogging each other during Starfig Newton was popular. I think I enjoyed Halva Eve most despite their technical difficulties. For $5, it was a damn good night out. Thanks to DarkHabit et al.

Today, wiggling! In fact, shimmying and swaying too, and much graceful floating of veils and ching-chinging of zills (I didn't even know what one of those was till today). And something called the penguin. *loves mysterious dancing jargon* Three hours was a long time to keep wiggling for, my middle-bits are sore, but I'm gonna keep doing that. It's really sexy and graceful and feminine. It was Huda and yes, she's awesome.

I think I saw George Gregan doing push-ups on a machine in Freyberg gym this morning. Kim was impressed by how many he did. I was impressed by his shoulders... and said so a little too loudly. Then he turned round. Doh! *sheepish grin*
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